Accelerating Clean Transportation (ACT) School Bus: Fleet Deployment

The Challenge: Reduce Barriers to Electrifying School Buses

Despite the long-term savings and health benefits of going electric, school districts face barriers to electrifying their school bus fleets. Challenges that school districts encounter include

  • Higher up-front costs for buses and associated charging infrastructure, compared to diesel buses
  • Implementing necessary depot upgrades
  • Training drivers and mechanics during the transition to electric buses
  • Coordinating with third-party transportation providers for districts that choose to lease their buses


About ACT School Bus Fleet Deployment

The ACT School Bus Fleet Deployment program offers school bus fleets flexible funding for depot upgrades and purchases of electric school buses and associated charging infrastructure. Participating fleets also have the opportunity to work with MassCEC's consultant team to address the gaps in technical knowledge impeding school bus fleets from electrifying, in areas such as coordination with stakeholders, equipment selection, procurement, and project implementation. 

Award Potential


Application Deadline

June 24, 2024

Questions? Contact

Funding Schedule

This RFP complements the 2023 EPA Clean School Bus Rebate Program.

ACT School Bus Fleet Deployment, Round 3
Process Step

Tentative Timing

Release of RFP

April 22, 2024

Webinar hosted by MassCEC

May 14, 2024

Questions due to MassCEC via email to  

May 20, 2024

Questions with answers posted to MassCEC website 

May 28, 2024

Proposals due 

June 24, 2024 by 4 pm ET

Interviews of top applicants

July 2024

Notification of award

July-August 2024

This schedule is tentative and subject to change at MassCEC's discretion. 

Who's Eligible

Eligibility for the ACT School Bus Fleet Deployment Program mirrors eligibility for EPA’s 2023 Clean School Bus Grant Program. Eligible Applicants for the ACT School Bus Fleet Deployment Program include:

  1. Public school districts that are eligible under EPA’s Clean School Bus Program. This includes Massachusetts public school districts, including charter schools, that have an NCES District ID; and
  2. Private school bus transportation contractors that are eligible under EPA’s Clean School Bus Program. These generally include school bus service providers, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), and private school bus fleets that provide student transportation services. (Please see RFP for further information.) Note that private school bus contractors can apply only on behalf of their associated Massachusetts public school district(s).  

Program Structure

The responsibilities and expectations of each of the program participants are summarized below. These lists may vary with the needs of the school district and may not be exhaustive.

School District

  • Collaborate with the Technical Consultant on project design, deployment, and reporting on project outcomes
  • Provide baseline fleet assessment data, e.g., fleet size and makeup, routes data and schedules, current fuel types and costs
  • With the help of the technical consultant, deploy electric school buses and charging infrastructure to serve district schools

Technical Consultant

  • Conducting technical and financial electrification analyses that inform decision-making options for school bus fleets
  • Finalizing analyses of vehicle needs, charging needs, financial details, and distributed energy resources integration
  • Creation of plans for site work and electric school bus operation
  • Procurement support for purchase of electric school buses and charging equipment
  • Management of construction, equipment testing, and technical training
  • Operational support for school bus fleets and related entities


  • Participate in meetings with the technical consultant and the school district
  • Record and share lessons learned between school districts
  • Retain the technical consultant

Benefits of Participation

  • Obtain a plan for full-fleet electrification
  • Preparation of depot site(s) for full-fleet electrification
  • Procurement of electric school buses and associated infrastructure
  • Deployment of electric school buses and associated infrastructure

If your district is in the early stages of electrification planning, the Accelerating Clean Transportation (ACT) School Bus Advisory Services Program can provide free technical assistance you need to help you get started on your school bus electrification journey.

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Application Process

Submit completed application to

Applications are due June 24, 2024 by 4 pm ET.

Webinar: ACT School Bus Deployment, Round 3

MassCEC hosted a webinar on Tuesday, May 14, 2024 to review the RFP and answer any questions.

Additional Funding Opportunities

EmPower Massachusetts

Funding type
Award Potential

$300,000 (Priority Track Implementation)

$150,000 (Non-Priority Track Implementation)

$50,000 (Innovation & Capacity Building)

Application Deadline

Innovation and Capacity Building: Rolling through April 3, 2024

Implementation: October 18, 2023 and April 3, 2024