MassCEC Investments

Through our 2030 Fund, MassCEC invests at the earliest stages of company development across the climatetech landscape. With a focus on tough tech and underserved sectors, MassCEC investments aim to advance clean technology, fill funding gaps, create green jobs, and leverage private capital throughout the Commonwealth.

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2030 Fund

MassCEC makes direct equity and venture debt investments in Massachusetts-based clean energy companies.

Investment Strategy

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Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Support startups and technologies that have the greatest potential to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.​​

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Help Communities Adapt & Build Resilience

Help communities adapt to the impacts of climate change and build resilience in systems and infrastructure.


Advance Clean Energy Technology

Support progression of climatetech over a wide range of sectors.​​

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Reduce Ratepayer Energy Costs

Support technologies that produce clean energy in an economical way, reducing costs to the ratepayer as well as volatility of energy costs over the course of time. ​

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Create Jobs in Massachusetts

Invest in companies that will support and create economic activity and sustainable, quality green jobs in the Commonwealth as they expand.​​

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Attract External Capital to Climatetech

Leverage outside capital to support climate technologies, projects, and companies through all stages of growth, from both private and public sources.​​

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Fill Funding Gaps

Serve as a financing source, especially in areas that are not currently well-served by the market.​​

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Generate Financial Returns

Balance risk and reward, both financial and programmatic, to invest in promising companies with reasonable expectation of financial return.​​

A Continuum of Support

Alongside the 2030 Fund, MassCEC's Technology to Market programs offer non-dilutive grants and support for Massachusetts-based researchers and companies along the entire technology readiness spectrum.

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