Social Media Policy

Staying Informed and Involved Online

To highlight our commitment to transparency in government, the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) has web-based tools for outreach, education and information. To contact MassCEC via email or phone, please visist our Contact Us page. 

Below is one of the many ways we encourage people to stay informed and engaged, Twitter. 
Please note that Records Retention Law of the Commonwealth requires the MassCEC to preserve records created or received by a state employee. Pursuant to this retention requirement comments posted or messages received via an official state agency page on a third-party website (such as an official agency profile on a micro-blog such as Twitter) will be treated as state governmental records and may be permanently archived. Information that you submit voluntarily through social media sites associated with this agency where such information is publicly available, including your name, city or town, and the substance of anything that you post may be disseminated further by being posted online at this website or be publicly discussed by a  member of the administration. 


Twitter is a free social networking site that allows users to send and read other users' updates of up to 140 characters in length.  While people use Twitter in many different ways for both personal and professional reasons, we are using Twitter at the MassCEC as another way to keep citizens informed about what we're doing and as another way to get feedback.

You can follow the MassCEC on Twitter at . 

Please note:
The account is maintained and monitored by MassCEC and its staff. MassCEC will often follow people back who follow us.  If you’d rather we not, send us a direct message and we’ll be happy to comply. 
While we try to respond to questions on Twitter as much as possible, if you have a question, concern or comment, you may still want to Contact Us by another method (especially if what you have to say requires more than 140 characters!). 

While the MassCEC staff watch and update Twitter as much as possible, please recognize that we also monitor and maintain many other channels of feedback, outreach and engagement, both in-person and online.
To ensure that everyone's opinions and ideas are heard, feedback on Twitter is incorporated with feedback from public meetings, email, letters, phone calls and in-person visits. 

Unless you protect your updates, messages you post on Twitter are public.  Because not everyone knows that we are on Twitter, we occasionally search for tweets that talk about MassCEC but don’t reference our account, @masscec, and let that user know about our account.

Also note that this micro-blog is hosted by Twitter and is governed by Twitter’s separate website policies, including its Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.  For questions, please contact Catherine Williams at or 617-315-9386.