Technology to Market

We fund new greenhouse gas reduction technologies and the innovative companies that bring them to market.

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AeroShield is developing super-insulating, transparent inserts for windows for affordable comfort and energy savings. The company received grants from MassCEC's Catalyst and InnovateMass programs and is now a part of our investment portfolio.

Innovation is Critical to a Clean Energy/Climate Transition

While the number of technological solutions to the climate challenge is growing, significant gaps remain. New technologies are needed to enable the installation of existing solutions, improve efficiency, and speed up the deployment of greenhouse gas reduction strategies. The opportunities for novel solutions and inventions to enter the market are considerable.  However, developing new technologies involves risk and requires time and money to achieve market adoption and impact at scale. 

MassCEC's Role

We help de-risk the technology development process by providing essential financial and technical support for early-stage entrepreneurs and academic researchers.

As an economic development agency, we work to ensure that the growth of the climatetech sector benefits the Commonwealth's economy in an inclusive way.  Our support of diverse founders attracts more early-stage climatetech startups and supports a just energy transition.

Funding for the Climatetech Sector

MassCEC offers support to clean energy and climate technologies at all stages of development and commercialization. We use technology readiness levels (TRLs) to evaluate and understand the stage of the technologies we fund. 

As employers, climatetech companies can also take advantage of our Clean Energy Internship program.

Climatetech funding opportunties by TRL and maximum $

Program Summaries

Clean Energy Internships
Up to $8,640/intern — All TRL levels — Massachusetts requirements

The Clean Energy Internship program facilitates the placement of college students and recent graduates into paid internships with verified clean energy companies across Massachusetts by providing stipends for interns during fall, spring and summer sessions.

Up to $175,000 — All TRL levels — Massachusetts-based incubators

IncubateMass provides funding to Massachusetts incubators with the goal of growing the clean energy and climatetech innovation ecosystem and commercializing startups through incubator membership. This funding supports incubator activities such as build-out of facilities or infrastructure, equipment purchases, networking events and workshops, growing strategic clusters, and professional development of incubator staff.

Accelerator Funding Program
Up to $120,000   —   All TRL levels   —   Massachusetts based accelerators

The Accelerator Funding Program provides grants to Massachusetts accelerators that grow the clean energy and climatetech innovation ecosystem and commercialize early-stage startups. The grants fund specific accelerator activities, including operations and management expenses, events, educational series, prizes, and scholarships for participant startups. 

Catalyst & DICES
Up to $75,000 — TRL levels 2-4 — Massachusetts-based startups and researchers

The Catalyst program is funded by MassCEC and administered by MassVentures and MassCEC. It provides grants of up to $75,000 to Massachusetts-based researchers and early-stage companies looking to demonstrate initial prototypes of their climate technologies. The Catalyst and DICES programs provide connections and funding to create a prototype of a novel technology. In parallel with Catalyst, MassCEC will award up to three additional DICES grants of up to $75,000 each for projects led by applicants who are underrepresented in the climatetech industry or faced economic barriers entering the environmental or entrepreneurial landscape.

Up to $300,000  —  TRL levels 2-8  —  Massachusetts-based startups or researchers

AmplifyMass supports academic researchers and companies who need cost-share or adders for federal/non federal prime awards. AmplifyMass provides up to $300,000 for academic or company projects pursuing cost-share or adders for federal or non-federal prime awards (such as awards from ARPA-E, NSF, DOE, and USABC), or up to $100,000 for academic projects that are not tied directly to a prime grant. The program supports projects that aim to commercialize or substantially de-risk an innovation that falls within MassCEC’s mission.

Massachusetts Climatetech Studio
$15,000+  —  TRL levels 3-7  —  U.S.-based entrepreneurs

The Massachusetts Climatetech Studio, a partnership between the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) and FedTech, helps entrepreneurs launch new climate technology ventures to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems. The Climatetech Studio matches teams of entrepreneurs with cutting-edge technologies from federal and university labs during an intensive 16-week program cohort. Applications are accepted from aspiring entrepreneurs nationally, and Massachusetts residents are especially encouraged to apply. Each participant receives a $15,000 stipend and has the chance to win further prize money and grant funding.  By the end of the program, teams have the tools to develop new products, secure funding, and build the next generation of Climatetech businesses.

The 2030 Fund
Up to $1.5M — TRL 3+ — Partial Massachusetts requirements

The 2030 fund makes equity investments that average about $500k in early-stage financings. MassCEC also offers venture debt, ranging from $100k to $1.5M. 

Up to $350,000 — TRL levels 5-7 — U.S.-based startups (partial Massachusetts requirements)

The InnovateMass program provides up to $350,000 in grant funding and technical support to applicant teams looking to complete initial demonstrations of their innovative deploying new clean energy and climate technologies with a strong potential for commercialization. Successful applicants will propose projects that address important energy challenges, help to grow the state’s clean energy economy, and contribute to Massachusetts’ continued clean energy leadership.

Our Tech-to-Market Strategy

MassCEC helps new climate-focused businesses grow faster by backing a vibrant community of researchers, startups, and established industry players - creating an ecosystem where they connect and thrive.  

Our two-pronged approach:

Tech-to-Market funds flow to either Universities and Startups or Ecosystem Support grants

We support organizations involved in our core focus areas

  • Offshore wind
  • Clean transportation
  • High-performance buildings
  • Net zero grid
  • Significant decarbonization technologies

Our Impact (2010-2023)

$42.5M Awarded

405 Awards

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$194M Leveraged

Job icon - person with gear

6,148 New hires

lightbulb with plant inside

89% of startup awardees still in business

Economic Benefits of Funding Climatetech Innovation

  • Achieve climate goals more cost-effectively 
  • Stimulate local jobs and economic development 
  • Promote equity in climatetech with opportunities for new entrepreneurs to participate in the ecosystem 
  • Spur subsequent private investment opportunities 
  • Maintain the Commonwealth's leadership position in clean energy and innovation
  • Retain talent and develop cutting-edge research
Bar chart of funding by focus area