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Photo of condo building under construction courtesy of Paul Brennan.

July 07, 2020

Could Buildings Become A Solution to Global Warming? Addressing the Impacts of Embodied Carbon

There is no doubt among scientists that climate change is real, and humans are the cause. Since the industrial revolution, the average global temperature has risen by 1° Celsius (C). We already see the effects of this through extreme weather patterns, loss of biodiversity and sea level rise.... READ THE FULL POST

This image shows a sample natural gas bill for a residential Eversource customer in Massachusetts. Eversource has information about understanding your natural gas bill on their website.

June 16, 2020

June Whole-Home Heat Pump Pilot Update: Pilot Extended through December 2020

MassCEC has extended the deadline for our whole-home air-source heat pump pilot through December 18, 2020 or as long as there is available budget. The pilot launched in May 2019, and so far we have awarded a total of $200,000 to 61 projects out of an... READ THE FULL POST

June 15, 2020

Tethys Knowledge Base Advances Responsible Ocean Energy Development

Offshore wind energy development is just beginning to make progress in the United States, and as this new industry takes off, data regarding potential effects of offshore wind development on marine organisms, habitats, and ecosystem processes are needed to help inform project permitting and siting... READ THE FULL POST

May 06, 2020

Training Opportunities and Job-Seeker Resources for the Clean Energy Industry

On March 10th, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker declared a state of emergency in response to the COVID-19 virus, which was officially defined as a pandemic by the World Health Organization a day later. As many necessary precautions are being taken to “flatten the curve” of cases and save lives... READ THE FULL POST

This illustration of a whole-home air-source heat pump system from MassCEC’s Clean Energy Lives Here campaign shows a mix of ducted and ductless units, which has been a popular combination in the whole-home pilot.

April 30, 2020

Lessons from the Field: April Whole-Home Heat Pump Pilot Update

MassCEC's whole-home air-source heat pump pilot program has been running for about nine months now. We currently have 50 approved projects, with 26 existing building retrofits and 24 new construction or gut rehab projects. Project applications have slowed but... READ THE FULL POST

April 28, 2020

Permitting and Inspection for Clean Energy Projects through the COVID-19 Emergency

The need to socially isolate to reduce transmission of COVID-19 coronavirus has led to great uncertainty across the Commonwealth. One common question is which businesses can continue to operate, and how they can continue to do so safely. The clean energy industry is no exception. MassCEC has... READ THE FULL POST

April 22, 2020

This Earth Day: Make your plan with Clean Energy Lives Here

On this 50th anniversary of Earth Day, the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center is launching our Clean Energy Lives Here campaign. This campaign will address an issue fundamental to our ability to decarbonize our buildings: consumer education and planning.... READ THE FULL POST

April 03, 2020

Small Business Administration (SBA) Resources through the CARES Act

Our colleagues at the Massachusetts Executive Office of Housing & Economic Development have encouraged us to share these loan resources with you, provided through the federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief and... READ THE FULL POST

March 31, 2020

Lessons from the Field: Month Ten of the Whole-Home Heat Pump Pilot

I’ve been writing monthly blog updates on MassCEC’s whole-home air-source heat pump pilot program since it started last May. As with so many things in... READ THE FULL POST

March 02, 2020

MassCEC10 - Mass Solar Loan has enabled the installation of over 5,000 solar electric systems

Over the past ten years, MassCEC has supported solar photovoltaic (PV) installation through a variety of deployment programs, including the Mass Solar Loan program, launched in late 2015 as an effort to expand customer access to solar. We are excited to announce that over 5,000 Mass Solar Loan... READ THE FULL POST