Triple Decker Retrofit Pilot

The Challenge: Rapidly Scale All-Electric Retrofits of Small, Multifamily Buildings

To accelerate all-electric retrofits of Massachusetts' buildings, we need real-world examples of how it can be done, insights into best practices, and an understanding of the costs and benefits. Through the Triple Decker Retrofit Pilot, MassCEC will build upon the lessons learned during our Triple Decker Design Challenge to demonstrate cost-effective decarbonization strategies for these locally common multi-family buildings. The Triple Decker Retrofit Pilot will showcase examples of all-electric retrofits and reveal additional insights. The results will inform efforts to rapidly scale all-electric retrofits of small multi-family buildings in the coming years.


The Triple Decker Retrofit Pilot offers technical support and incremental financial incentives to implement high-efficiency, all-electric retrofits of triple deckers, as well as performance monitoring to document the results. The Pilot offers two tracks: one for owners of Affordable Housing triple deckers and one for owners of Market Rate triple deckers. Both tracks offer incentives for retrofitting existing units or adding an additional all-electric unit.

MassCEC is pleased to have under contract New Ecology, Inc. (NEI) as our technical consultant for the Affordable Housing track and Abode Energy Management as consultant for the Market Rate track. The technical consultants

  • Assist with program design and participant recruitment
  • Conduct assessments of existing building conditions
  • Provide technical support for building retrofits
  • Test and analyze the efficacy of recommended weatherization approaches
  • Conduct performance monitoring
Status Details
Now accepting applications for Affordable Housing
Market Rate incentives to be available Winter 2022
Award Potential
Affordable Housing: $160,000; Market Rate: TBD
Application Deadline
Affordable Track: Dec 2, 2022; Market Rate Track: TBD
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Funding Schedule: Affordable Housing Track

Now open! Owners can apply for all-electric affordable housing triple decker incentives.

  • Incentives available for retrofitting existing units and adding an additional all-electric unit.
  • Applications will be considered on a rolling basis. The next review deadline is December 2, 2022.

Process Step


Application period opens

January 19, 2022

First review deadline

March 4, 2022

Second review deadline

June 4, 2022

Third review deadline

December 2, 2022

Building assessments and implementation of projects

Spring 2022 - 2023 (may extend if necessary)

Who's Eligible: Affordable Housing Track

Applicant must be the owner of a triple decker that meets one of the following criteria to demonstrate that it is affordable housing:

  • A deed restriction that explicitly states the development has reserved the unit for households earning eighty percent (80%) or less of SMI. If the restriction is not explicit, Applicants will need to provide an alternative form of verification.
  • For housing shelters, a letter from the Executive Director or another individual with signatory authority stating that the property is used as a housing shelter.
  • Other forms of documentation as determined by MassCEC on a case-by-case basis.

The triple decker building must have been built before 1970.

For full Program details, please refer to the Triple Decker Retrofit Pilot Program Manual, below.


Application Process: Affordable Housing Track

Applications are being accepted on a rolling basis via an online portal. The portal allows you to save an application you have begun and finish it at a later time.

A copy of the application form is provided for download for reference only. When you are ready to apply, you must use the portal.

The application requires that you print, sign, and upload Attachment A, which is available on this web page.

For full Program details, please refer to the Triple Decker Retrofit Pilot Program Manual. 

Funding Schedule: Market Rate Track

Owners of Market Rate triple deckers:  Please check back in Winter 2022 to apply for incentives!

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Process Step Tentative Timing
MassCEC releases RFP for technical consultant, in coordination with Decarbonization Pathways January, 2022
MassCEC announces selected technical consultant March, 2022
Rolling application period opens for Market Rate triple decker owners

Winter, 2022

Building assessments and implementation of decarbonization projects

Winter 2022 - 2023 (may extend if necessary)

Triple-Decker Retrofit Pilot Webinar

Learn about the Affordable Housing track

Recorded February 9th, 2022

Learn more about pilot goals, timeline, eligibility, and more.

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