Medium- and heavy-duty (MHD) fleets produce more than a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions from on-road vehicles, with a majority (71%) powered by diesel, making fleet electrification an essential step in reaching Massachusetts’ climate, transportation, and equity goals. Electric vehicles also offer an opportunity to take advantage of lower fuel costs, reduced maintenance and enhanced driver retention. However, it is often difficult to know which electric vehicles are right for your fleet, how much they will cost, where you should install charging infrastructure, and how to operate and maintain the vehicles. MassCEC's program aims to bridge this gap by pairing fleet managers with a technical consultant who will work with you to analyze your fleet and come up with an electrification plan that is tailored to your business.  

MassCEC created the Fleet Advisory Services Program to further the utilization of the Massachusetts Offers Rebates for Electric Vehicles (“MOR-EV”) Truck electrification incentive funds from the Department of Energy Resources (DOER) and the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA). MassCEC is working with DOER and EEA to promote the electrification of trucks across the Commonwealth and reduce greenhouse gas emissions and negative health impacts for all.

How it works:

MassCEC will be selecting a technical consultant who will provide support for fleet managers throughout the electrification process. The fleet analysis and support will include:

  • Fleet Preparation - The technical consultant will perform baseline analyses to include: site assessment, total cost of ownership analysis, vehicle market inventory analysis, charging analysis, and recommendations.
  • Fleet Electrification Analyses -  If your fleet is committed to move forward with procurement in the near term, the technical consultant will perform detailed fleet analyses that include: feasibility design, emissions reduction analysis, financial modeling, vehicle and charging procurement plan, and next step recommendations.
  • Fleet Procurement Support – If your fleet is ready to move forward, the technical consultant will provide additional support through the procurement process including: monitoring procurement progress, annual updated reports, and driver and mechanic training.

Program Development and Launch Timeline:

Please note this timeline is subject to change and will be updated as development continues.

Program Milestone Tentative Timelines
MassCEC Review of Technical Consultant Applications June - July 2021
Announce Technical Consultant August 2021
Program open to Interested Fleet Managers February 2022
Fleet Preparation Beginning Spring 2022 
Fleet Electrification Analyses Beginning Summer 2022 
Fleet Procurement Support Through 2024

See here for an overview of the proposed program budgets received through the RFP. 

Opportunities for Fleet Managers:

If you own or operate a fleet and are interested in electrifying your vehicles, MassCEC’s Fleet Advisory Services Program can help you start. This is a great opportunity for fleet managers or sustainability coordinators who want to lower their business' carbon emissions, increase uptime and explore their fleet electrification options.


To be eligible for the Fleet Advisory Services, your fleet must meet the following criterion:

  • Privately or commercially owned and operated
  • Vehicle depot located in Massachusetts and fleet actively operating in the state
  • Minimum of three (3) vehicles per fleet
  • Include at least one (1) medium- or heavy-duty vehicle
  • Eligible to receive MOR-EV Truck funding for at least one (1) fleet vehicle
  • Ability and willingness to share fleet data with the technical consultant
  • Vehicles owned or leased for minimum of thirty-six (36) months

MassCEC will place additional emphasis on fleets that are associated with benefits to Environmental Justice populations, which includes fleets that have a depot sited in a state-defined Environmental Justice Income area or 50% of fleet miles driven in Environmental Justice Income areas. MassCEC also seeks to recruit historically under-represented and under-served businesses, such as Minority Business Enterprises (MBE), Women (WBE), Portuguese (PBE), Veteran (VBE), LGBT (LGBTBE), Disability-owned (DOBE) businesses, as well as businesses located in Massachusetts Gateway Cities or other regions of the Commonwealth facing economic challenges, such as rural areas. 


If you are interested in participating or have any questions, please email


When will the fleet analyses start?

MassCEC awarded a technical consultant in August 2021. The program will be open to interested fleets in February 2022. 

How long does the program last?

The length of fleet participation depends on the level of analysis. MassCEC anticipates Fleet Preparation to last about 4 months, Fleet Electrification Analyses to last about 6 months, and Fleet Procurement Support to last about 2 years. 

Is the program free for fleet managers?

Yes, fleet managers will receive a free fleet electrification analysis from the technical consultant. However, fleet managers will be responsible for the procurement of new electric vehicles and are encouraged to seek incentive funding through MOR-EV Truck. 

Can my fleet still participate if I can't commit to procurement?

Yes, while fleet managers are encouraged to procure electric vehicles if the results of the analysis prove favorable, the tiered structure of the program leaves flexibility for fleet managers to receive an analysis without committing to procurement. 

If my fleet has a few MHD vehicles and mostly light-duty vehicles, do I still qualify?

Yes, so long as your fleet includes at least one MHD vehicle that is eligible for MOR-EV Truck Incentive funding, your fleet qualifies. 

Is there a program for public fleets?

National Grid has a fleet electrification program for public fleets, for more information, see here.