MassCEC provides rebates and other incentives to residents who are looking to adopt clean energy at their own homes.

Residential incentives offered by MassCEC include rebate programs for solar electricity and solar hot water, vouchers for the replacement wood-burning heating units and assistance with other technologies.

Mass Solar Connect - How Do I Apply?

MassCEC has announced the selection of three non-profit groups and two online installer bidding platforms to participate in the 2017 Mass Solar Connect program. Mass Solar Connect offers members of selected non-profits competitive pricing for solar PV systems. Members will be able to gain access to an online marketplace where they can request proposals from a pre-selected group of installers.

Solarize Mass - Program Background

Now in its seventh year, Solarize Mass is a partnership between MassCEC and the Green Communities Division of the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER).

How it works

The Solarize Mass program looks to increase the adoption of small-scale solar electricity systems through a grassroots educational campaign, driven mainly by local volunteers and reduced pricing that increases the savings for participants. 

Solarize Mass - Apply

2017 Solarize Mass

MassCEC and DOER are currently accepting community proposals for the 2017 Solarize Mass program, with a goal of selecting up to 10 communities or groups of communities. Of these ten communities, MassCEC and DOER may elect to select two or more (2) communities (or groups of communities) who have specifically applied to participate in the Solarize Mass Plus multiple-technology pilot.

Solarize Mass - Who's Eligible?

2017 Solarize Mass Program

The 2017 Solarize Mass program is currently accepting community applications. See the "How Do I Apply?" tab for more details.

On April 19th, 2017 the following communities were selected: the community of Winthrop as part of the Solarize Mass Program and Newburyport and the partnership of Lincoln-Sudbury-Wayland as a part of the Solarize Mass Plus Pilot Program, opting for solar PV plus air-source heat pumps and solar PV plus solar hot water respectively.


For many residents, business owners, and municipalities throughout Massachusetts, installing a solar electric system is a smart investment that converts clean, free sunlight to electricity, reduces air pollution, reduces or eliminates monthly electricity bills, and contributes to the local economy by creating local jobs and supporting local businesses.