Hathaway Mills Complex

The Hathaway Mills Complex is located just off of the waterfront in New Bedford Harbor adjacent to the New Bedford Hurricane Barrier on Cove Street in New Bedford, MA.  The Hathaway Mills site consists of six parcels comprising approximately 25 acres (10 hectares) of land, housing five large old mill buildings built around the turn of the 20th century and with several vacant lots. Five of the six lots are privately owned; the sixth lot is owned by the New Bedford Redevelopment Authority and leased to MassCEC on a 99-year lease basis. In 2014, MassCEC redeveloped this parcel as a lay-down and staging area as part of the development of the New Bedford Marine Commerce Terminal.  This parcel is currently operating as the “Southern Storage Area” of the New Bedford Marine Commerce Terminal. 

One of the most attractive aspects of the Hathaway Mills site is its proximity to the New Bedford Marine Commerce Terminal - the facility constructed and managed by MassCEC to support the construction, assembly, and deployment of offshore wind projects, as well as handle bulk, break-bulk, container shipping and large specialty marine cargo.  Completed in 2015, the Terminal is a 26-acre facility engineered to sustain mobile crane and storage loads that rival the highest load-bearing ports in the nation.  The Hathaway Mills Site is located just 1,000-feet (about 300-meters) to the south of the New Bedford Marine Commerce Terminal’s main site.

The site is approximately 35 nautical miles (65 km) from the leading edge of the offshore wind energy areas located south of Martha’s Vineyard, with no on-water overhead restrictions.

Aerial view of Hathaway Mills Complex
Aerial view of Hathaway Mills Complex

Download the Hathaway Mills Complex Redevelopment and Reuse Assessment to view the potential redevelopment and reuse options at the site, including detailed cost information.  Return to the main Ports Assessment page to read the full reports and visit the Massachusetts Offshore Wind Ports & Infrastructure Maps.    

And download the Hathaway Mills Existing Conditions Report to read the comprehensive assessment of the existing site conditions at Hathaway Mills. 

As part of the existing conditions assessment, MassCEC has compiled a repository of existing documentation on the Hathaway Mills site, some of which is referred to in the Report.  All site documentation is available below: