Eversource Energy / Sprague Oil Facility

The Eversource Energy / Sprague Oil facility is a 29-acre (11.7 hectare) waterfront lot located at 180 MacArthur Drive in New Bedford, MA.  The site is owned by two distinct entities and has a history of heavy industrial use, as the site was previously used as a manufactured gas plant and tar processing facility.  Until recently, Eversource parcels were used as Eversource’s regional hub, and Sprague uses its waterfront land as a bulk petroleum terminal.

The site has good access to the interstate highway, to deep water, and a local workforce. The historical industrial uses indicate there is the risk and prevalence of environmental impacts on the property that are being addressed and may need to continue to be addressed.

The site is 35 nautical miles (65 km) from the leading edge of the offshore wind energy areas located south of Martha’s Vineyard, with no overhead restrictions, navigable depth restriction of 28.9 feet (8.8 m) MLLW into the harbor and width restriction from the New Bedford/Fairhaven Hurricane Barrier of 150 feet (45.7 m). The upland part of the site is partially improved with buildings, asphalt and concrete.

Aerial view of Eversource Energy / Sprague Oil Facility
Aerial view of Eversource Energy / Sprague Oil Facility

Download the Eversource Energy / Sprague Oil Facility Redevelopment and Reuse Assessment to view the potential redevelopment and reuse options at the site, including detailed cost information.  Return to the main Ports Assessment page to read the full reports and visit the Massachusetts Offshore Wind Ports & Infrastructure Maps.    

And download the Eversource Energy / Sprague Oil Facility Existing Conditions Report to read the comprehensive assessment of the existing site conditions at the Eversource Energy / Sprague Oil facilty.  

As part of the existing conditions assessment, MassCEC has compiled a repository of existing documentation on the Eversource Energy / Sprague Oil Facility, some of which is referred to in the Report.  All site documentation is available below: