Borden and Remington Complex

The Borden & Remington Complex, formerly known as the Ironworks Complex, is located along the east bank of the Taunton River at 63 Water Street and 81 Ferry Street in Fall River, MA.  The 37-acre (15-hectare) property is the current location of Borden & Remington Corp., which specializes in commodity chemical manufacturing and storage. 

This property is located approximately 0.1 miles (.03 km) from Interstate Route I-195 and approximately 37-nautical miles (68 km) from the leading edge of the offshore wind energy areas located south of Martha’s Vineyard.  The property is accessible by road, deep-water channel in the Taunton River, and by commercial railroad running adjacent to the property. 

Aerial view of Borden & Remington Complex
Aerial view of Borden & Remington Complex

Download the Borden & Remington Complex Redevelopment and Reuse Assessment to view the potential redevelopment and reuse options at the site, including detailed cost information.  Return to the main Ports Assessment page to read the full reports and visit the Massachusetts Offshore Wind Ports & Infrastructure Maps.    

And download the Borden & Remington Complex Existing Conditions Report to read the comprehensive assessment of the existing site conditions at Borden & Remington.  

As part of the existing conditions assessment, MassCEC has compiled a repository of existing documentation on the Ironworks Complex site, some of which is referred to in the Report.  All site documentation is available below: