MassCEC, City of Salem, and Crowley Announce Agreements for Salem Offshore Wind Terminal

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BOSTON — The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC), Crowley Wind Services, a global maritime transportation and logistics company, and the City of Salem today announced the transfer of ownership and an agreement for site improvements and ongoing operations for the Salem Offshore Wind Terminal. Once the site of an oil- and coal-fired power plant, this historic agreement will kickstart the transformation of the site into the second port built specifically to support the construction of offshore wind farms in Massachusetts. The Salem Offshore Wind Terminal is also unique in that it is one of a very few sites that will support the construction and installation of floating offshore wind in the Gulf of Maine.

Among these transactions is the purchase by MassCEC of more than 42 acres on Salem Harbor and the transfer of a 5-acre parcel to the City of Salem, including the port’s existing deep-water berth. Massachusetts’s first dedicated offshore wind port is the New Bedford Marine Commerce Terminal, which is owned and operated by MassCEC, and is currently leased to Vineyard Wind, who in January announced the delivery of the first offshore wind power in the state.  

“MassCEC’s offshore wind infrastructure has given Massachusetts our competitive edge in this growing industry,” said Governor Maura Healey. “Adding the Salem Port to its portfolio, along with the New Bedford Marine Commerce Terminal and the Wind Technology Testing Center, will further elevate Massachusetts as a global leader in the offshore wind industry. This partnership with the City of Salem and Crowley will deliver another port built specifically for offshore wind at this critical time in the clean energy transition, for Massachusetts, for the United States, and for the world.” 

“This is an exciting day for Salem as we realize the vision we had for the port under new leadership,” said Lieutenant Governor Kim Driscoll. “Harnessing the power of the harbor has always been key to Salem’s success. This port once received clipper ships that brought international trade to our shores, and now will serve as a hub for offshore wind, driving economic development for the entire state.” 

“The Salem Port is one of the great success stories of Massachusetts’ clean energy transition. What was once the site of a coal burning power plant will now serve as a launchpad of our offshore wind industry,” said Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs Rebecca Tepper. “As the industry expands into the Gulf of Maine, this port will be instrumental in delivering additional clean, affordable energy to our residents and businesses.” 

"We are very proud to align with the state's strategic climate goals by launching our second wind energy port project in Massachusetts, with ambitious plans to bring this port to operational status as soon as possible,” said MassCEC Chief Executive Officer Emily Reichert. “We are excited to be at the forefront of establishing a burgeoning offshore wind industry in real-time. It's a collaborative effort that requires action from both the public and private sector; local, state and federal governments, in partnership with Crowley, an experienced logistics and marine services operator who will oversee the port's day-to-day management." 

“Salem is ready to do our part to help advance Massachusetts’ offshore wind efforts and we're so excited to do it in collaboration with our partners at MassCEC and Crowley,” said Salem Mayor Dominick Pangallo. “On the site where, until quite recently, there was a giant coal pile, oil tanks, one of the dirtiest power plants in America, and vast barges unloading coal by the ton, a new, green energy future will be assembled. That work will be powered by labor from communities disproportionately impacted by our fossil fuel legacy and organized and trained for the clean energy economy that’s ahead of us. Here in Salem, when we’ve looked to the future, we’ve always looked to the sea and to what’s possible on its distant horizon. I’m so proud that Salem can be part of this important and historic effort.” 

Salem is one of America’s oldest port cities, with a deep connection to the ocean and the economic and energy future of Massachusetts and the nation. The Salem Offshore Wind Terminal location itself was once the site of an oil- and coal-fueled power plant that ceased operation as recently as 2014. 

Crowley, which purchased the property in 2022, will manage the site redevelopment and improvements and then serve as the terminal operator, entering into a lease agreement with MassCEC for the ongoing utilization of the property as an offshore wind marshalling port with priority for offshore wind projects serving Massachusetts. The City of Salem, to further support this historic effort, has leased the berth and its acreage for the same purpose. Crowley’s Wind Services business unit will start construction in 2024, strengthening the site infrastructure to accommodate heavy machinery and equipment, the construction of a second state-of-the-art ship berth and the upgrade of the City berth to the same standard, and the implementation of dredging activities to enhance the harbor channel. The port is projected to open in 2026. 

Crowley Wind Services, as a full-scope provider of offshore wind services, has actively worked since 2022 to transform the site of a former coal fired power plant in Salem into an asset to support offshore wind development. Besides operating vessels and terminals, the company provides supply chain management, construction engineering and project management services, and operations and maintenance solutions, with Salem project management based in Massachusetts.   

“We are excited to continue advancing the opportunity for clean, renewable offshore wind energy for Massachusetts and beyond through this dynamic public-private partnership,” said Bob Karl, senior vice president and general manager of Crowley Wind Services. “We appreciate the leadership and support from the Healey-Driscoll Administration and the Legislature in making our next steps a reality, as well as the ongoing collaborations with the City of Salem and its residents to create economic investment and jobs at a world-class marshalling port for offshore wind.” 

The purchase and redevelopment of the Salem Offshore Wind Terminal site, demonstrates MassCEC’s commitment to Massachusetts’ statutory requirement of achieving net-zero in carbon emissions by 2050. Together with the New Bedford Marine Commerce Terminal, the Salem Offshore Wind Terminal represents a critical piece of infrastructure for Massachusetts climate goals. In the U.S., the shortage of adequate port facilities for offshore wind has been identified as one the key areas of risk for meeting state and national goals, and market analysis indicates that more than one marshalling port will be necessary to meet Massachusetts’ timeline and goals for offshore wind.  

The MassCEC New Bedford Marine Commerce Terminal, a multi-purpose facility designed to support the construction, assembly, and deployment of offshore wind projects, as well as handle bulk, break-bulk, container shipping and large specialty marine cargo, is the first of its kind in North America. The MassCEC Wind Technology Testing Center, located in Charlestown, Massachusetts provides a full suite of certification tests for turbine blades up to 90 meters in length, and brings the latest wind turbine blade testing and prototype development methodologies to help the wind industry deploy the next generation of land-based and offshore wind turbine technologies. 


Statements of Support 

House Speaker Ronald J. Mariano (D-Quincy): 

“Expanding the Commonwealth’s offshore wind infrastructure is an essential step in the effort to transform Massachusetts into a regional hub for the offshore wind industry. I’m pleased that in addition to the New Bedford Marine Commerce Terminal, Massachusetts has acquired the Salem Offshore Wind Terminal to service current and future offshore wind projects. I would like to thank MassCEC, the City of Salem, and the folks at Crowley Wind Services for their contributions to advancing our clean energy economy.” 

Senate President Karen E. Spilka (D-Ashland): 

“Innovative partnerships like this one are how Massachusetts will keep blazing a trail as a global leader in clean energy. This is a game-changer for the City of Salem and it’s residents, and is a key step forward in bringing the power of the wind from the Gulf of Maine into homes, businesses, and vehicles across the entire state. I’m grateful to the Healey-Driscoll Administration, MassCEC, the City of Salem, and Crowley Wind Services for making this a priority, and I look forward to seeing the project continue to progress.” 

State Senator Michael J. Barrett (Third Middlesex), Senate Chair of the Joint Committee on Telecommunications, Utilities and Energy: 

“Offshore wind is coming through, delivering onshore jobs and clean power, despite topsy-turvy business conditions in the short term.  Smart to stay the course and stick to the plan.” 

State Representative Jeffrey N. Roy (10th Norfolk), House Chair of the Joint Committee on Telecommunications, Utilities and Energy: 

"The Salem Port is an example of the innovative public-private partnerships that continue to make Massachusetts a leader in the growing offshore wind industry. The port's strategic location positions it to support construction of offshore wind farms in Massachusetts and accelerate offshore wind development in the Gulf of Maine, both of which are critical for helping the Commonwealth scale up its clean energy infrastructure to meet its ambitious climate goals." 

State Senator Joan B. Lovely (Second Essex): 

“Thank you MassCEC, Crowley, and Salem for your years of hard work to get to this day. Our offshore wind industry is on solid footing moving forward towards a clean, sustainable future.”  

State Representative Manny Cruz (7th Essex):  

"Today marks a historic moment as the collaboration between MassCEC, the City of Salem, and Crowley has led to the finalization of the agreement for the Salem Offshore Wind Terminal. This historic partnership, positions Salem to be on a path to become a beacon in the clean energy sector and the offshore wind industry. This monumental agreement honors our past as a Maritime industry leader, will reinvigorate our port, and usher in a new era of economic prosperity. It also signifies the dawn of green job creation that will benefit our community and Commonwealth for generations to come. Salem, as an environmental justice community, is now at the forefront of a sustainable future through this innovative partnership. I want to express my deepest gratitude to Mayor Pangallo, city officials, Mass CEC, Crowley, and the community members whose engagement and dedication were pivotal in bringing this important project to Salem and to fruition."