"Easy" Wins for Embodied Carbon Reduction

3:00 - 5:00 pm

There are many opportunities to reduce the embodied carbon of a building’s design, but it can be hard to know where to start. Questions such as “What tools do I use?” “What if I’ve already started designing my project?” “How much will this all cost?” can easily stand in the way of taking action.

In this presentation, the instructor will present a variety of proven strategies to reduce embodied carbon that can be implemented into your next – or even your current – project without requiring extensive LCA modeling. If you are looking to start implementing low carbon solutions into your projects and are looking for some strategies to get started, this is the presentation for you. Opportunities in the design process, in material selection, and in project specifications will all be addressed, as well as your questions. Join us and start reducing your project’s embodied carbon footprint today!

This course is taught by Jacob Deva Racusin, Studio Director and Director of Building Science and Sustainability at New Frameworks Natural Design Build.

Funding Grants Available: Submit by June 20th, 2024

Event Contact Email: meredith@builtenvironmentplus.org

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