Solar Hot Water Installer Resources

MassCEC is no longer accepting applications for Solar Hot Water systems. 

This page provides resources for SHW installers about the completion process for residential and commercial grants. 

  • A residential SHW project is a residential Project Site and has eight or fewer collectors
  • A small-scale SHW project is a commercial, industrial, or public Project Site and has eight or fewer collectors
  • A commercial-scale SHW project is a commercial, industrial, or public Project Site and has more than eight collectors


Residential and Small-Scale Installer Resources

Program Documents

Commercial-Scale Installer Resources (includes both construction grant information and feasibility study grant information)

Program Documents


Code of Conduct

All installers who participate in MassCEC's rebate programs are bound by MassCEC's Code of Conduct


Best Practices

MassCEC’s program requirements are intended to ensure high-quality project designs and installations. We recommend double-checking the following to make sure the system meets program requirements and to minimize the delays associated with these common Application errors.

  • All of the required fields in the application have been completed.
  • All supplemental documents have been submitted in PDF format
  • All required signatures are obtained and submitted on appropriate documents.
  • All backup documentation for applied adders is submitted.
  • All contact information for the installer and application is accurate.


Contact Us

Feel free to email us at or call 617-315-9300. Please note that review and processing time for submitted completion documents is typically 2 to 4 weeks, and may be longer for commercial-scale construction.