Resources for Clean Energy Incubators

IncubateMass - MassCEC’s IncubateMass program is a grant program that provides funding for incubators that host cleantech startups within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. This program funds incubator activities including, but not limited to, operations, management, business development services for members, acquisition of equipment, infrastructure upgrades, hosting events and education workshops, and professional development of incubator staff, with the goal of growing the cleantech innovation ecosystem and commercializing startups. Grants are up to $175,000 per year and award payments are typically tied to incubator operations and events and cleantech member milestones. Applicants should have experienced management teams, a documented track record of providing effective services to cleantech startups and a sustainable incubator model backed up by a credible business plan.  

MassDevelopment’s Collaborative Workspace Program - MassDevelopment's Collaborative Workspace Program provides funds to accelerate the pace of new business formation, job creation and entrepreneurial activity in Massachusetts communities, by supporting infrastructure that funds community-based innovation. Eligible collaborative workspace applicants may apply for either Seed Grants for predevelopment and feasibility work, or Fit-out Grants for building improvements and equipment purchases. Eligible Applicants may be the operator of the collaborative space, including but not limited to co-working spaces, venture and innovation centers, maker spaces and artist spaces, or the owner of a building that will host the space. In FY-17 the maximum grant award for Fit-Out was up to $250,000 and for Seed was up to $25,000. Grants must be matched one-to-one with private capital in the form of grants, loans, free/discounted rent, donated building improvement materials, equipment, or other quantifiable (and certifiable) contributions to the project. The window for submitting applications for the second round of funding closed on June 30, 2017.

Association of Cleantech Incubators of New England - ACTION is the region’s network of cleantech incubators sharing the common goals of accelerating the growth and success of early-stage companies, strengthening the regional cleantech cluster, and adding to green job growth.  They match the needs of cleantech entrepreneurs to capabilities within our member incubators. Through the ACTIONetwork, they provide startups with a variety of support services that include the use of specialized technical facilities for R&D, subsidized office space and administrative support, research and patent collaboration, valued programming, quality business mentoring and professional services, and potential funding opportunities to facilitate commercialization.  The breadth and diversity of the incubator network offers entrepreneurs a comprehensive hub of knowledge, experience, and resources that is often unavailable from a single incubator organization. ACTION continues to expand its network of incubators nationally and internationally.



The Clean Energy Incubator Network - The Clean Energy Incubator Network is a national network of cleantech incubators, launched by the U.S. Energy Department's National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) in February 2015. The program aims to improve the performance of and provide nationwide coordination among existing and new clean energy business incubators. The network also connects critical industry and energy sector partners to advance clean energy startups and their technologies and serves as a portal for identifying industry best practices. The Clean Energy Incubator Network is currently developing additional resources, such as funding, laboratory and event resources, an evaluation toolkit that specifically guides start ups and a program called SmartIncubationTM​. SmartIncubation is a clean tech business incubator best practice program that will collect metrics from start-ups and incubators and publish the results to identify and recommend best strategies and practices. 


InBIA - InBIA is a global non-profit organization that has welcomed and supported entrepreneurial organizations for over 30 years. Serving a diverse group of entrepreneurship centers, program managers, directors and policymakers, they help guide, mentor and develop sustainable entrepreneur support programs in every industry and demographic around the globe. Their goal is to enrich the entire ecosystem by providing industry resources, education, events and global programming to help members better serve the needs of their unique communities and regions. InBIA’s mission is to help communities enable their entrepreneurs transform their dreams into innovative businesses that make global prosperity a reality. Business incubators, accelerators, co-working spaces and other entrepreneurship support organizations are critical to entrepreneur’s success because they provide connections to the right mentors, education, partners, community influencers and investors that are essential to their growth.

MassCEC provides InBIA membership to all companies accepted into IncubateMass. MassCEC also supports InBIA through providing stipends to an annual conference. An InBIA membership means joining a global community of your peers and other entrepreneurship support organizations that include a network of mentors, partners, influencers and ecosystem builders. As an InBIA member, you will have direct access to our global network as well as a wide range of industry leadership and resources. They provide a wide range of services to assist entrepreneurial organizations in enabling high-impact programs. InBIA offers a global community membership, education and training, industry news and resources, and designations and accreditations.

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