Neighborhood Electrification - Request for Information

Responses Welcome:  November 2, 2023 through December 15, 2023

Goal of Request for Information (RFI)

This RFI seeks to gauge interest and get input into the potential for the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) to support neighborhood electrification demonstration projects. For purposes of this RFI, “neighborhood electrification” is the strategic electrification of the building stock and decommissioning of the natural gas system in defined geographic areas -- such as street segments, neighborhoods, or zones -- that leverage opportunities where electrification could be more cost-effective than reinvestment in the gas system (e.g., pipeline repair). This RFI does not commit MassCEC to offer any program associated with neighborhood electrification, award any funds, pay any costs incurred in preparing a response, or procure or contract for services or supplies. 

Intended Respondents

MassCEC welcomes responses from all stakeholders. In particular, we are hoping to gather perspectives from utilities, municipalities, large landowners (e.g., universities or affordable housing owners), technical experts, legal/regulatory experts, community-based organizations, and advocacy organizations. Respondents are welcome to answer all the questions or only a portion of them. At the end of the RFI, there is a space to indicate your interest in participating in a follow-up conversation with MassCEC staff. Thank you for your time and insights!

Public Records Law

As a public entity, MassCEC is subject to Massachusetts’s Public Records Law, codified at Chapter 66 of the Massachusetts General Laws. Thus, any responses, documentary material, data, or other information received by MassCEC from any person or entity responding to this RFI is a public record subject to disclosure. Those who elect to submit a response to this RFI are responsible for considering the nature of information they submit and shall not send MassCEC any confidential or sensitive information.

How to Respond

Stakeholders have two options for responding to this RFI:

  1. Through submission of an online form; or
  2. By downloading and emailing a completed version of a Word document to