Meet Our Innovation Support Team

Galen Nelson, Senior Director, Innovation and Industry Support

Galen is the Senior Director of Innovation and Industry Support at the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center where he leads a team focused on providing targeted, strategic, and timely resources to help clean energy companies and entrepreneurs develop technologies, while moving closer to commercialization and market traction in established and emerging markets.  The team’s multi-disciplinary approach includes efforts to strengthen workforce resources, inform market growth policy, develop and manage competitive technology development, demonstration and commercialization acceleration grant programs, and support key components of the Massachusetts clean energy industry eco-system.  Galen’s individual work focuses primarily on microgrids, energy storage, and energy resilience.  Prior to joining the MassCEC, Galen led clean energy business and green affordable housing policy development efforts at the City of Boston.  Galen has over 10 years’ experience developing programs and policies at the City and State level often at the intersection of urban planning, economic development, and clean energy.  He holds a Bachelor of Arts from Colby College. You can contact Galen at or 617-315-9375

Kavita Ravi, Director of Emerging Markets

Dr. Kavita Ravi is the Director of Emerging Markets at MassCEC, where she is responsible for promoting emerging markets such as energy storage, clean transportation, and grid modernization in Massachusetts. In 2016, she co-led the State of Charge report that explored the market opportunities and barriers for energy storage in Massachusetts. In 2017, she is leading programs to demonstrate viable business models for energy storage in the marketplace and a study to explore clean transportation opportunities in Massachusetts. Previously, she has also established a program to support universities and companies leverage clean energy funding opportunities. Prior to MassCEC, Kavita worked on microgrids and energy access issues with the U.S. Department of Energy and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories. From 2011 through 2013, she served as a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science at the U.S. Department of Energy where she led market transforming programs to promote energy efficiency. Kavita has a Ph.D in Computer Engineering from the University of Colorado at Boulder and worked for several years in the private sector commercializing the technology of her doctoral research. You can contact Kavita at or 617-315-9364

Maeghan Lefebvre, Project Manager, Innovation and Industry Support

Maeghan has worked at MassCEC since 2014 and is currently a Project Manager with the Innovation and Industry Support team, where she manages programs designed to support emerging cleantech companies, including MassCEC’s InnovateMass and DeployMass Programs, as well MassCEC’s Community Microgrid Program. Prior to her current role at MassCEC, Maeghan served as the Project Administrator for MassCEC’s Business Development team. Maeghan holds a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies and International Affairs from Northeastern University. You can contact Maeghan at or 617-315-9366

Karen Kao, Project Manager, Innovation and Industry Support

Karen manages MassCEC’s energy storage initiatives and works to accelerate the deployment of storage and other energy resilience technologies across the Commonwealth. Karen has also worked on renewable energy generation programs at MassCEC, including hydropower, organics to energy, and air-source heat pumps. Previously, she worked with colleges and universities to develop their sustainability action plans and engage students and staff on campus-wide sustainability initiatives. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan and a Master’s in Sustainable Solutions from Arizona State University. You can contact Karen at or 617-315-9347