Massachusetts Program

In August 2023, the Commonwealth was awarded approximately $9.2M from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) under the formula grant opportunity "Preventing Outages and Enhancing the Resilience of the Electric Grid," established by Section 40101(d) of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), also know as the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.  

In collaboration with the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER), MassCEC developed a proposed program that aims to:

  • Identify and fund projects that can improve energy reliability and resilience, while reducing the cost and number of outages for communities and underserved populations
  • Support clean energy and decarbonization solutions, including building electrification
  • Advance MassCEC and DOER equity, environmental and energy justice priorities
  • Create good-paying jobs with the free and fair choice to join a union

In early 2024, MassCEC will post a Request for Proposals soliciting from eligible subawardees applications that align with the Massachusetts Program Narrative. Prior to the release of that RFP, MassCEC solicited feedback on draft guidelines for subawards and responded to all questions from stakeholders.

Public Hearing

On April 4, 2024, MassCEC hosted a public forum regarding changes to the 40101(d) program narrative.

Proposed Changes: MassCEC plans to update Section IV: "Funding Distribution" of the program narrative to amend the required cost match from subawardees. Currently, large entities must match 100% of the award, and small entities must match one third (1/3) of the award; the program narrative defines the parameters distinguishing between "large" and "small" entities. MassCEC's prospective cost match changes may require large entities to contribute up to 115% of the award and small entities to contribute up to one third (1/3) plus 15% of the award. This change was discussed at the public hearing.

Note: Updates to the Program Narrative have been highlighted in yellow for clarity.

Contact us with any questions via grid@masscec.com!

Draft Program Guidelines

Special thanks to the following stakeholders for their thoughtful feedback:

  • Nexamp
  • Western Mass Unitarian Universalist Network
  • Town of Truro Energy Committee
  • Massachusetts Municipal Wholesale Electric Company
  • The City of Framingham
  • Solect Energy

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Federal Program Background 

As part of upgrading and modernizing infrastructure, DOE's Bipartisan Infrastructure Law investments will address the climate crisis and support efforts to build a clean and equitable energy economy that achieves zero carbon electricity by 2035 and put the United States on a path to achieve net-zero emissions economy-wide by no later than 2050 to benefit all Americans. 

"Preventing Outages and Enhancing the Resilience of the Electric Grid” will provide $459 million annually over a period of five years to States and Indian Tribes to improve the resilience of the electric grid against disruptive events. Under the program, the DOE will provide grants to eligible applicants to improve the resilience of their electric grids. These grants offer a unique opportunity to advance the capabilities of States and Indian Tribes to address current and future resilience needs.