Eligible Modern Wood Heating Systems

Modern wood heating systems must meet MassCEC’s program requirements. 

In order to provide regional consistency for central pellet heating system qualification, MassCEC will utilize NYSERDA’s list of qualifying technologies for its Small Pellet Boiler program under Renewable Heat NY, which generally meets requirements consistent with MassCEC’s program. MassCEC highly encourages and prefers manufacturers to seek qualification through NYSERDA. If a manufacturer chooses not to pursue qualification through NYSERDA, the manufacturer can submit independent test lab results to MassCEC (at biomassthermal@masscec.com) for evaluation.

Modern wood heating systems approved by MassCEC:

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NYSERDA's Small Pellet Boiler List http://www.nyserda.ny.gov/All-Programs/Programs/Renewable-Heat-NY/Small-Pellet-Boiler

Maine Energy Systems     Auto Pellet Air


NYSERDA's Advanced Cordwood Boiler List

(only eligible for installation if System Owner is removing an existing, qualifying cordwood heater. See the Program Manual for details)