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At Harmony, we are advancing the state-of-the-art in water treatment using a combination of new processes, membranes, and insights. In doing so, we will help secure clean water for people all around the world.

Since spinning out of MIT in 2021, we have demonstrated our batch RO process in two award-winning field deployments: Reclamation’s More Water Less Concentrate Challenge and the IDEaS Pop Up City Contest. In 2023, we won an Impact Medal at the Global Prize in Desalination.

Over the next year, we are focused on deploying additional pilot demonstrations supported by the Bureau of Reclamation, the National Alliance for Water Innovation, and the Saline Water Conversion Company. Following this next round of pilots, we anticipate selling our first commercial systems in 2025.

Harmony has been totally funded by grants and contests so far.
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We are financially able to compensate interns through the program. Our payroll is managed with Quickbooks.
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Quantum Wei
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Founder, CEO
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Clean energy sector
Water Technology
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