DeployMass (formerly known as the Massachusetts as a First Customer Program) facilitates the adoption of clean energy or water innovation technologies at public agencies, public academic institutions and municipalities to support the growth and development of Massachusetts-based companies while saving taxpayer dollars.

This program is currently OPEN

DeployMass is a two-phase program, first assessing the technical and commercial readiness of emerging technologies, and then providing support to connect the most viable technologies with the public entities looking to adopt them. Eligible companies are based in Massachusetts and have advanced and applied technologies that significantly reduce or eliminate the use of energy from non-renewable sources.

Companies apply for inclusion in the program and are then reviewed by a third-party technical expert to assess the technology readiness level (TRL) of products developed by applicants. Only products that are deemed ready for the commercial market will be placed on the DeployMass Commercially-Ready Technologies (CRT) List and eligible to request program funding to support a deployment with a public entity.

For Companies:

Companies must submit an application and complete a 40-minute interview with the technical consultant to be eligible for CRT List review.

MassCEC is currently accepting applications for the CRT List on a rolling basis.

Once a company’s technology has been added to the CRT list, the company is then eligible to submit a Project Funding Request for financial and technical assistance from MassCEC in support of a specific public deployment. Applicants should discuss a potential project with MassCEC prior to submitting a Funding Request. CRT Companies may request MassCEC’s assistance to identify target customers in the public sector if a specific public deployment has not yet been identified. Funding Requests are evaluated and awarded on a case-by-case basis and are subject to availability.

For Public Entities:

There is no formal application process for public entities. Public entities interested in one (or more) of the technologies on the CRT List should reach out directly to the company or to DeployMass program staff at to discuss potential partnerships.

What is the goal of the DeployMass program?

DeployMass aims to support the introduction of cutting-edge clean energy and water technologies into the public marketplace. The program supports Massachusetts clean energy and water technology companies seeking to expand their customer base to the public market by de-risking and incentivizing the deployment of those technologies by public entities (including state and quasi-state agencies, authorities, municipalities or public academic institutions) through the pre-validation of the commercial readiness of the technology via the CRT List.

MassCEC provides support to selected companies by:

  • Acting as a liaison and connector between the company and one or multiple customers that are well-suited to procure the selected company’s product or technology;
  • Acting as a connector with state partners and procurement agencies;
  • Providing a grant to buy down the cost of a selected company’s product; and
  • Offering technical assistance as needed by a selected company.

What types of companies are applying to the program?

The program is open to clean energy and water innovation technology companies seeking to do business with public entities and have a technology that (1) has a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of 8-9 (as determined by the NYSERDA TRL); and (2) can provide significant and demonstrable savings to public customers through energy/cost reductions. To view a list of technologies currently approved for the Program, visit our Commercially-Ready Technologies Page

How do you determine whether a company is a “Massachusetts-based company” in order to be eligible for the program?

In order to be eligible to apply for the program, applicant companies must currently have and maintain a majority of the following in Massachusetts as applicable (i.e. if four apply, then three must be in Massachusetts. If a company has only has three of these components, at least two must be based in Massachusetts):

  • Company Headquarters (primary executives located in Massachusetts)
  • Primary research and development operations
  • Primary manufacturing operations
  • Primary sales & marketing office

If a selected applicant does not maintain these requirements, the award will be subject to rescission/cancellation by MassCEC.

How should a public entity who is interested in deploying a CRT-Listed technology engage in the program?

Any public entity interested in the program should review the Commercially-Ready Technologies List to see if there are potential products or services that would fit its needs.  Public representatives should feel free to reach out directly to CRT companies, or to MassCEC at

When are applications due?

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.  CRT List Application materials can be found hereCheck back soon for Project Funding Request materials.

Can a company apply with multiple technologies and should they submit multiple proposals for the CRT List?

If a company has more than one technology that may be eligible for the Program, the company should submit a CRT application for each technology. A company is eligible to request funding and technical assistance in support of a specific public deployment for each technology on the CRT List. Funding decisions will be made for each technology independent of awards made for other technologies.

Has MassCEC had any successful matches?

There has been significant interest both from companies and public entities, and MassCEC is close to deploying a CRT technology at a public agency through the first pilot round of the program. The first pilot round of the program, which was called the Massachusetts as a First Customer Program, now DeployMass, was launched in January 2015. More detail on the companies currently eligible for funding can be found at the CRT List page. We will update the page with any successful partnerships at the conclusion of the pilot round.

DeployMass was launched in 2014 in response to the barriers and challenges facing both public entities and innovative cleantech and water innovation companies in working together to save the Commonwealth energy and public dollars. Through the program, MassCEC works with these companies to identify customers, navigate procurement barriers and provide technical and financial assistance in connecting their technologies with public entities.  MassCEC is committed to providing one or more of the following forms of support to awardees:

  1. MassCEC will act as a liaison and connector between the company and one or multiple potential customers that are well-suited to procure the selected company’s product or technology
  2. MassCEC will act as a connector with state partners and procurement agencies
  3. MassCEC will provide a grant to buy down the cost of the awardee’s product, contingent upon a public entity’s agreement to purchase the applicant’s product
  4. Varying technical assistance as needed by the selected company

By connecting Massachusetts-based clean energy and water technology companies to customers in the public sector, MassCEC hopes to help public entities save taxpayer money by driving down energy use and costs.