Senior Software Engineer

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Software Development
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Energy Efficiency
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Full Time
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Contact Info Nick Sisler

We are looking for a senior software engineer with a strong desire to learn, teach, and take on responsibility.  We want someone who can complement our skill sets - adding experience where we lack it and learning from ours where we have strength.  We are envisioning hiring someone with several years of academic and post-academic experience.

Job Duties/Responsibilities: 
  • Full stack development
    • New features
    • New products
    • Bug fixes
    • Dev-ops
  • Quality assurance.  Code reviews, automated and manual testing.
  • Remote candidates are welcome, Boston candidates will be preferred.
  • 8+ years experience in software development
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills, both technical and interpersonal
  • Passion for growth and learning
  • Desire to do full stack software engineering, including dev ops
  • Technical skills
    • Java, MariaDB, HTML/CSS/Javascript
    • Maven
    • Linux
    • At least one of the following:
      • Deep AWS dev-ops expertise
      • Deep MariaDB expertise
        • Database design
        • Performance
      • Deep Hibernate expertise
    • GWT
    • UI design
    • Home energy efficiency knowledge

Combination of Salary and Stock Options commensurate with skills and experience.
Though a small and nimble company, Ekotrope is very stable.  We are profitable and have a good benefits package, including comprehensive health insurance and a 401K program.  Our headquarters is conveniently located in the heart of downtown Boston, just blocks from the T (Green, Red, Orange, Blue lines), commuter rail and buses.

How to Apply: 

Email resume to Nick Sisler:

About the Company: 

We run the most widely used Home Energy Rating Software which is now used on about 1 in 6 of new homes built in the US each year.  Our clients for this product are home energy raters who work with home builders to help design more energy efficient homes and then inspect and certify those homes.  We also help utilities run their energy efficiency programs (e.g. Mass Save) more effectively. To date, most of our work has been focused on low-rise single and multi-family homes but we are now expanding to provide solutions for existing homes and larger multi-family buildings.
Our software development team consists of 6 full time engineers.  We employ a modified Scrum framework. We have weekly team planning, demo, and retrospective meetings and daily ‘Scrums’ - 10 minute or less meetings to align team members and help remove impediments.  We have short development cycles, a tight customer feedback loop, and every developer works full stack, from web front-end to database and dev-ops. We promote transparency, respect, self-improvement, and fulfillment.


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