Senior Laboratory Technician

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ZwitterCo, Inc.
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Engineering, Research
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Water Technology
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Full Time
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ZwitterCo is an award-winning water technology startup and we are looking for individuals who take initaitive - in both their work and their community - to join our rapidly growing, fast-pased team. This full-time position is ideal for a motivated laboratory technician seeking a high-growth role that will build both technical and management-related skills. The candidate will play a key role in prototyping, scale-up, qualification, and deployment efforts for ZwitterCo’s breakthrough nanofiltration technology. Candidates with experience in multiple relevant scientific or engineering disciplines who can demonstrate a track record of rapidly mastering new domains are particularly encouraged to apply.

Job Duties/Responsibilities: 

The candidate will be responsible for a variety of functions in ZwitterCo’s R&D and Engineering Lab. Typical duties include membrane testing, water quality analysis, sample management, chemical management, and consumable procurement. Successful candidates will be good leaders comfortable growing into a management role and will help coordinate the activities of interns and co-ops students in the lab. Additional responsibilities include Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and method development. Occasional travel to customer sites or pilot projects might be required to help support company objectives.


A bachelor’s degree in a relevant scientific or engineering discipline (chemical, mechanical, environmental, or civil) is required. Associate’s degrees will also be considered with commensurate laboratory experience. Skills of particular interest include:

  • Analytical chemistry (UV/Vis, water quality metrics, GC-MS, SEM)
  • Sample management / experience with LIMS
  • Membrane or materials testing
  • SOP development

Candidates are assumed to be proficient in the use of tools relevant to these fields, such as LabView, Excel, Matlab/Mathematica.


Compensation will be commensurate with experience and may include equity. Benefits package will be available. 

How to Apply: 

Apply by sending a brief personal interest statement and resume to

About the Company: 

ZwitterCo has developed a breakthrough in materials science – a new zwitterionic membrane chemistry – one which is uniquely positioned to treat highly-impaired wastewater. We deliver the treatment performance necessary to have measurable environmental impact and the economic value to be implemented swiftly. ZwitterCo’s mission is to make it practical for industry to reuse water, instead of wasting it, and we have the industry commitments and resources in place to deliver on that promise. The company is currently scaling up to pilot for our early-adopting customers and will continue to invest in the technology platform to unlock additional applications in the broader wastewater market.

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