Pilot Composting / waterless toilet system design and details

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Cotuit Solar LLC, in conjunction with Nutrient Networks LLC, is looking to specify and document a 25 person pilot composting toilet service for a small group of Cape Cod and/or Martha's Vineyard residents.  The service will include installation, collection and processing of nutrients.  The goal is to provide a base study using 30 years of composting toilet experience to attempt a high level of user satisfaction.  Participants can expect to learn about issues and regulatory hurdles for dry toilet practices in the age of regulation.

Job Duties/Responsibilities: 

Evaluate the best target geographical region from at least two potential regions, Wellfleet and Martha's Vineyard.  The evaluation will take into account factors such as economic incentives available, general disposition of the local regulators and community, availability and convenience of sites for processing and usage of the fertilizer, and any other factors that may influence the ease of implementation.  Digital design and documentation of 

Collection process

Pasteurizers for the liquid and the solids

Eventual use of the fertilizer


This will be a first draft of what will then be evaluated by various authorities (potentially) holding jurisdiction to determine pathways or lack thereof for implementation.



interest in the field of waterless sanitation and nutrient conservation
Communication and big picture analysis skills
CAD skills preferably


flexible working hours, supportive constructive working environment, remote working largely

How to Apply: 

Please email Conrad@cotuitsolar.com resume and brief introduction.

About the Company: 

Cotuit Solar, established in 1988, has more than 30 years of experience with sustainable practices, including solar energy and composting toilets in Southeastern Massachusetts.
With over 1000 customers, the company has broad experience with providing clients with effective sustainability solutions.
We pride ourselves in being a small, full service, locally based contractor renowned in the community for our expertise and quality customer service.


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