Lead Building Analyst

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KGS Buildings
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Somerville, MA
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Engineering, Facilities, Project Management
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Energy Efficiency, Green Building
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Full Time
Contact Info Ryan Cruz rcruz@kgsbuildings.com

Lead Building Analysts are experienced Facilities professionals excited to help Facilities teams all over the world use fault detection and diagnostics to run better, smarter facilities and more efficient operations.  You will be empowered to ensure clients' are connected to our industry leading fault detection platform quickly and accurately, and to help our partners scale their connected services.

Job Duties/Responsibilities: 

As a Lead Building Analyst you will be responsible for supporting our clients and partners to onboard accounts into the Clockworks platform, provide guidance to our partner onboarding teams, become trained and start using the platform, take action on diagnostics information, and support their teams.  This role will include providing onboarding quality assurance, conducting onboarding into the Building Analytics platform, and providing level 1, 2 and 3 engineering support to users. 


  1. Ensuring clients and partners are delivered and supported with the highest quality fault detection and diagnostics product.
  2. Managing onboarding projects, milestones, and timelines to ensure KGS fulfills its role in a timely manner at a high level of quality.
  3. Conducting onboarding activities such as mapping building systems and points into an analytic information model with information from control sequences, mechanical drawings, and points lists.
  4. Performing commissioning and quality assurance of connected sites.
  5. Understand, evaluate, and configure Diagnostics to perform automated fault detection on customer’s HVAC equipment.
  6. Review the findings and validate the results reported by the software.
  7. Train and engage customer and partner users.
  8. Provide ongoing support of connected Clockworks sites.




  • Has a bachelors in Mechanical Engineering (or a related technical degree) and an interest in building systems or has significant field experience in a controls or services company serving the buildings industry;
  • Learns technical and engineering solutions quickly and thoroughly, and strives to improve upon them;
  • Can communicate technical information effectively to customers over the phone and through emails;
  • Can effectively manage multiple projects, in multiple countries, at the same time;
  • Is thorough and analytical with good attention to detail;
  • Can creatively help streamline processes and find efficiencies for executing complex technical tasks;
  • Can effectively conceive of and communicate product development ideas to company leadership and the product development teams;
  • Is comfortable working in an environment where work processes are still being established and constantly being refined;
  • Is motivated about changing the built environment with a new generation of tools, technologies, and business models;
  • Would like to work in a close knit, passionate startup environment where communication is key and the learning experience is invaluable.


  • Confident, self-motivated, and comfortable mentoring others
  • Comfortable communicating with customers, partners, and end users
  • Mechanical Engineering or related technical degree or 2-4 years related industry experience
  • 3-5 years hands on experience in HVAC, controls, or fault detection and diagnostics
  • 1-2 years experience managing projects
  • Knowledge of BAS protocols such as BACnet, oBIX and Modbus
  • Knowledge of BAS networking principals
  • Excellent verbal and written communication
  • Ideally, knowledge of automated ongoing commissioning, fault detection and diagnostics,
    performance measurement and verification
  • Ideally, experience with meta data applications such as use of tags and standards, e.g. Project
How to Apply: 

If interested, please apply via our website at: https://www.kgsbuildings.com/careers/lead-building-analyst

About the Company: 

Our technology and services start with our remarkable people.
Our passion is revolutionizing the built environment. KGS Buildings was founded in 2008 within MIT’s Building Science Department. Since its founding, our team has been focused on equipping clients with cutting-edge technology to significantly enhance their operations and improve their buildings’ performance. This means breaking the existing cycle of reactive operations and maintenance in the building industry. We provide software and intelligent analytics that empowers our clients to drive proactive and strategic operations—ushering in the next generation of smarter facilities management.
The KGS Buildings team continues to grow rapidly in order to support our global clients. Our team members are driven, intellectually curious and resourceful; all of whom are singularly focused on our clients’ success. Our team’s experience includes building systems engineering, fault detection and diagnostics, cloud technologies, and software development. This powerful mix allows us to deliver exceptional service and make a significant impact across the world!

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