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Montgomery Homeowner Uses Two Clean Heating & Cooling Technologies to Reduce Fossil Fuel Emissions
Solar Hot Water and Automated Wood Heat

Ted Wright recently added Solar Hot Water and an Automated Wood Heating system at his home in Montgomery, MA, with the help of MassCEC rebates and has been extremely happy with how it has worked out.

Ted now has two Flat Plate solar hot water collector panels mounted on the ground beside his house, and a solar thermal tank to hold excess heat when the panels produce more than is needed to heat the home at one time. He recommends his installer, Spartan Solar, mentioning that they did a good job with the installation and were great to work with.

Lyme Green Heat also installed a new fully automated pellet boiler at Ted’s house that he uses as a back-up hot water and home heater in the winter. During the installation, he disposed of his old oil-fired system and his old wood furnace that was high-polluting and non-EPA certified.

Ted has found that the solar hot water system and the pellet boiler work well together to heat his hot water and home comfortably. He hopes that the solar hot water system will provide all his hot water through the late spring, summer, and early fall.

“I have been impressed with the heat generated (by our solar hot water collectors) on a sunny, but cold winter day. The panels have heated in excess of 130 degrees on a 30-degree day”, he stated.


Ted Wright’s pellet boiler (left) and solar thermal storage tank (right).

Ted Wright’s bulk pellet storage bin, which holds up to 5 tons of pellets.