Other Success Stories

MIT Redox Water Solutions
Water Innovation

As a result of MassCEC’s sponsorship and support of the MIT Water Innovation Prize, Redox Water Solutions won first prize out of group of more than 20 early-stage companies that took part in the annual water innovation competition in 2016. The Redox Water team, led by Xiao Su, alongside team members Wenda Tian and Xianwen Mao, developed its technology as part of its graduate research in Professor T. Alan Hatton’s chemical engineering group at MIT.  The prize money will contribute for Redox Water Solutions’ development of a prototype unit.  As Xiao explains: “We expect our redox-water technology to offer a sustainable, energy-efficient method for wastewater treatment and environmental remediation, especially targeting dilute contaminants of high toxicity. Our aim is to use the opportunity offered by the (Water Innovation Prize) and support of MassCEC to take our technology forward in scaling up, and commercialization in the near future.”