Other Success Stories

Habitat for Humanity

The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center’s Commonwealth Solar II program set out to make solar PV more accessible and affordable to residents in Amherst, Montague, Barnstable, Easthampton, and Boston. One way in which this program achieved these goals was by providing rebates to a series of solar installations by Habitat for Humanity. Habitat for Humanity has worked with several  Massachusetts installers, including Pioneer Valley PhotoVoltaics Cooperative, E2 Solar PV, and SunBug Solar,  to install a total of 12 solar PV projects in the last six years. This collaboration has resulted in 53.25 kW of new installed capacity. Aleta Kennedy is the proud owner of one such system. Her home features an 8.28 kW solar system, installed by Pioneer Valley PhotoVoltaics Cooperative and coordinated by Pioneer Valley Habitat for Humanity, initially installed in April 2016. After more than a year, she is still gushing about her solar PV system: “In addition to solar energy reducing my electric bills down to a negligible amount, it is also decreasing my carbon footprint on our planet. I look forward to the day renewable energy is the norm for all.” Her words embody the essence of the Commonwealth Solar II Program and are a true testament to the dedication and continued effort that went into completing these 12 projects.