Other Success Stories

UMass Lowell Collegiate Wind Competition Team
Wind Power

During the 2015-16 Academic year, MassCEC co-sponsored the University of Massachusetts Lowell Collegiate Wind Competition team, which was one of 15 teams selected for the collegiate wind competition and awarded a grant by the DOE- NREL.  UMass Lowell placed second overall in the national competition hosted by the DOE/NREL in New Orleans, LA.  The team developed a dual-concept wind solution for military applications comprising of an inflatable aerial-wind-system (AWS) KiteGen system and a truss-tower based ground wind turbine.  In addition to the final report, a smaller group of students from this team won first place at the Fabric Structures Association (FSA) 2016 Advanced Textiles Student Design Challenge. “I am proud of the students' efforts at the Collegiate Wind Competition, and now their first place award at the 2016 Advanced Textiles Student Design Challenge,” said Associated Professtor of Mechanical Engineering at UMass Lowell David J. Willis. “All of this was made easier with the generous MCEC support.”