Solarize Mass - Who's Eligible?

Who's Eligible?

2017 Solarize Mass Program

The 2017 Solarize Mass program is currently accepting community applications. See the "How Do I Apply?" tab for more details.

On April 19th, 2017 the following communities were selected: the community of Winthrop as part of the Solarize Mass Program and Newburyport and the partnership of Lincoln-Sudbury-Wayland as a part of the Solarize Mass Plus Pilot Program, opting for solar PV plus air-source heat pumps and solar PV plus solar hot water respectively.

If you live in one of these communities, you can contact the respective community volunteer team via the below contact information:


Solarize Mass Plus Lincoln-Sudbury-Wayland:

Lincoln Email:


Wayland Email:

Solarize Mass LSW Website


Solarize Mass Plus Newburyport:

Solarize Mass Plus Coach Email:


Solarize Mass Winthrop:

Solar Coach Email:

Solarize Mass Winthrop Website


2016 Solarize Mass Program

All communities who participated in the 2016 Solarize Mass Program have completed their campaigns.

For final results: See Program Results document in Program Background section for final information on all campaigns.

For contact information:

For individual community contact information, email


Communities interested in participating in Solarize Mass must be serviced by a utility that pays into the Massachusetts Renewable Energy Trust. 

Individuals interested in participating in the program must reside or own property located in a community that is running an active Solarize Mass program.