Residential Biomass Heating - How Do I Apply?

How Do I Apply?

Homeowners should first select an installer, who will submit the rebate application on their behalf. MassCEC maintains a list of eligible modern wood heating installers

MassCEC recommends that residents:

  • Solicit proposals from at least three installers.
  • Check references from prior installations, and ask the questions listed on our List of Eligible Installers webpage. 
  • Ask the installer to provide a written quote from a bulk pellet delivery supplier, showing the price per ton and any applicable delivery fee. 

Prior to deciding to move forward with a system, residents who may meet income criteria should determine if they are eligible for the Income-Based Rebate Adder, as described in the program manual. For example, a household of four with annual income of $127,408 or less may qualify.

Standard Rebate

Once you've selected an installer and is ready to move forward with the project, your installer should:

  1. Complete the design of an eligible modern wood heating system
  2. Apply for a rebate on your behalf. You can assist by learning about modern wood heating, and:
    • Providing your installer with information and documents, including a signed participant's agreement, an electric bill and other information about the project. 
    • Scheduling a free Mass Save Home Energy Assessment to take place within the next six months, if you have not had one completed within the past four years. 
    • Wait for MassCEC to approve the rebate application, at which point the installation process can begin 
  3. Once MassCEC issues an award letter, your installer may proceed to complete the system installation.
  4. Once the project is complete, the installer submits documentation verifying the project is complete.
    • MassCEC may schedule an inspection prior to payment to ensure installation quality. 
    • Once complete, MassCEC will issue the rebate amount. 

    Payment will typically be issued within four weeks of the time the documentation is received. 

    Emergency Replacement Option

    MassCEC offers an Emergency Replacement Rebate option for homes where the current heating system cannot safely function, or the installer believes that for safe and reliable operation the system has to be replaced within 30 days. In these cases, eligible installers can install modern wood heating systems immediately and then apply to MassCEC for a rebate, instead of waiting for MassCEC to approve the rebate award before the installation begins. Only installers who have had two successful inspections by MassCEC with no unsatisfactory issues identified are eligible to apply for this type of rebate. If you are interested in this option, ask your installer to confirm that they are eligible for this option.

    Please read the program manual for full details on eligibility, program requirements and rebates. Installers looking to participate in the program or apply on behalf of homeowners should visit the installer resources page