Request for Proposals - Clean Energy and Resiliency (“CLEAR”) Program Technical Support

Through this Request for Proposals (“RFP”), the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (“MassCEC”) seeks applications from consultants or professionals with expertise in clean energy systems engineering, energy project finance, and energy and utility certification standards to serve as a technical consultant (“Technical Consultant” or “Applicant”) under MassCEC’s Clean Energy and Resiliency Program (“CLEAR” or “the Program”).


The Technical Consultant will apply to perform the required tasks under at least one (1) of the three (3) primary scopes:

  1. Perform analysis of a Massachusetts community’s energy resiliency needs and propose a feasible system design to meet those needs (“Resiliency Assessment and Design Studies”);
  2. Develop an energy resiliency needs analysis toolkit to enable Massachusetts communities to perform their own screening and initial planning efforts (“Toolkit Development”); and/or
  3. Develop a replicable method of certifying a facility as “resilient” such that the certification can be credibly relied upon by first responders and utility storm restoration teams (“Certification Development”).


All inquiries related to this RFP should be submitted by email by 11:59pm on Monday, October 21, 2019 to and must contain "CLEAR RFP Questions" in the email subject line. Answers will be posted on this webpage on Wednesday, October 23, 2019.

Proposals must be submitted to by 4:00pm ET on November 25, 2019 with the subject line “Clean Energy and Resiliency Program Application”. 

MassCEC anticipates selecting up to three (3) Technical Consultants or Technical Consultant Teams under this RFP.

Request for Proposals

Below is the timeline for the RFP process.

RFP Milestone


RFP Released

Monday, October 7, 2019

Questions Due

Monday, October 21, 2019 by 11:59pm

Responses to Questions Posted

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Applications Due

Monday, November 25, 2019 at 4:00pm EST

Selection Announcement

January 2020


CLEAR RFP Question Responses

Does MassCEC expect that each site to be evaluated will have been identified as part of the Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness planning process?

  • It is not required that the sites have been identified as part of the MVP program. However, each site must fall within the boundaries of a municipality that has participated in the MVP program.


Will development of the resiliency toolkit be scheduled before the site-specific resiliency assessment studies? Will the toolkit be provided to the Project Teams to help them understand what the Technical Consultant will need to perform a resiliency analysis?

  • This is open for negotiation between MassCEC and the awarded technical consultant(s).


Will each of the three selected Technical Consultants be assigned three specific sites for studies?

  • Applicants should assume three site-specific studies will be awarded per consultant (or consultant team) for budgeting purposes. Final scopes are subject to negotiation between MassCEC and the awarded technical consultant(s).


How can we estimate the budgets and schedules of any projects before we know the size and complexity of the site(s) to be evaluated?

  • Each site will have a budget of $75,000.


Will participation in the assessment process preclude the Technical Consultants from providing follow on services to any of the sites to be studied? If selected, would the firm serving as the Technical Consultant for this project at this phase, result in its exclusion from participating in the later phases of implementation, construction, and providing equipment and services?

  • Follow-on services will not be precluded by MassCEC because of participation in the CLEAR program. MassCEC cannot advise as to the procurement restrictions of participant communities.


Can one firm bid separately on each of the three primary scopes?

  • No, each firm should submit a single proposal that addresses all scopes for which the team is applying. The firm should submit separate budget breakdowns for each primary scope.


Would you please provide information on how the “Resiliency Toolkit” should be different from HOMER and DER-CAM, since those two tools can provide the same functionality as described in the RFP?

  • The goal of the CLEAR program is not for the toolkit to arrive at a site design or firm resource layout and economic analysis, but for the toolkit to assist in project conceptualization for laypeople or non-energy professionals.


If all nine sites are awarded for Scope 1 with a total budget of $675,000 (9 x $75,000), but the Scope 2 and Scope 3 projects require more budget than the $175,000 available balance, then will MassCEC increase the budget beyond the $850,000?  

  • No.


Will Scope 2 and Scope 3 budget requirements dictate how many Scope 1 site awards if the total budget is limited to $850,000? 

  • No. The final scope and breakdown are subject to negotiation between MassCEC and the awarded consultants. The CLEAR program anticipates awarding assessments for nine Scope 1 sites.


Who will be the Certifying authority? Government, EDC, or thirdparty? If the authority is a government, then which agency? How accepting is the EDC for this new type of certification? Will the DPU need to be engaged from a regulatory process in certification? 

  • CLEAR program staff expect the awarded consultant to propose what options for the certification mechanism are, and what the proposed mechanism will be like.


In the RFP, “Community” and “Sites” has been used in many places. Is “the project” a Community or a Site behind the meter projects?

  • The project refers to the consultant’s awarded scope.


When responding to the RFP for all three scopes, are the page limits multiplied by three to the requirement found on 7 & 8 for each section? Same question for responding to only two scopes (pages limits multiplied by two)?

  • Only the Workplan Narrative (found in Section VII) allows for additional pages per primary scope.


Are Scopes 2 and 3 expected to be awarded to one consultant each? 

  • MassCEC has not made a decision on this and will evaluate responses as they are received.


Does MassCEC plan to financially award community project stakeholders who participate in January 2020 solicitation?

  • No.