Request for Proposal: Vehicle Electrification Advisory Services for Fleets Pilot Program Technical Support

The Vehicle Electrification Advisory Services for Fleets Program is a MassCEC pilot that seeks a technical consultant to aid in the electrification of medium- and heavy-duty fleets (“MHD”) across the state of Massachusetts. MHD fleets produce more than a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions from on-road vehicles and result in adverse public health outcomes, which disproportionately affect Environmental Justice Communities. The Massachusetts Clean Energy and Climate Plan (“CECP”), identifies pilot MHD electrification programs as a key strategy in reaching transportation emission goals within the next 10 years. However, a major barrier for fleet managers is a lack of technical assistance throughout the electrification planning process. This Program will provide fleet managers with the necessary technical assistance, while also creating an equitable and scalable fleet advisory program model that can be replicated across the Commonwealth.

Program Goals

The goals of the Fleet Advisory Services Program are as follows:

  • Provide scalable and replicable templates for how to successfully:
    • Recruit fleet owners
    • Plan for and procure for the electrification of private and commercial MHD fleets
  • Promote utilization of the Massachusetts Offers Rebates for Electric Vehicles (“MOR-EV”) Truck electrification incentive funds
  • Promote market interest in fleet electrification
  • Demonstrate ratepayer benefits associated with advising fleets before and during conversion
  • Provide a scalable and standardized program structure for fleet advisory services



Request for Proposal Released  April 23, 2021
Questions Due May 14, 2021
Answers to Questions Posted May 20, 2021
Applications Due via email to June 14, 2021 @ 4:00 PM ET
Selection Announcement July 2021

Proposals must be submitted to by 4 PM ET on June 14, 2021. “Fleet Advisory Services Program Proposal” must appear in the e-mail subject line.

View the RFP here.



Who is eligible to apply as a technical consultant?

Consultants or consultant teams who have had related past experiences (particularly related to stakeholder engagement), are able to manage multiple client expectations, and are able to support fleets through the procurement process and report on progress over an anticipated three-year timeframe.

Can applicants form project teams?

Yes, applicants are encouraged to collaborate on any aspects of the services. Applicants should seek team members who have experience in non-electric fleet vehicles, fleet electrification planning and operation, fleet recruitment and outreach, fleet conversion project finance, utility demand management, and any other expertise needed for project success. OEMs are eligible to apply as part of an applicant team so long as they are not the lead applicant, do not solely market their own vehicles to fleet managers, or preclude any vehicle types from participating in the program. We want to ensure that fleet managers are getting the most appropriate and cost effective vehicles for their fleets, whether those vehicles are from the OEM on the applicant team or not.

Where can fleet managers find more information?

Fleet managers can find more information about the program here