PTS Reports

Data Reports

Below are reports generated from data in the Production Tracking System:

Solar PV Systems in MA Report: A report detailing solar photovoltaic (PV) systems installed in Massachusetts that have registered for the Production Tracking System (PTS). Data includes project cost, location, panels (modules), inverters, meters and installer information.

SREC Capacity Factor Report: A report detailing the ratio between the amount of energy produced by the solar system and its optimum nameplate (labeled) production capability for systems registered for Solar Renewable Energy Certificates. The seven-year average net capacity factor for solar PV systems in Massachusetts is 13.64 percent, as of July 2017. 

**Please note this data is based on system information availalbe in the Production Tracking System. It does not currently include systems installed under the SMART incentive program (which represents the bulk of systems installed in 2019 and beyond). Data regarding SMART program projects can be found on the DOER website.**