PTS: Registering and Reporting for SREC Systems

Registering and Reporting for SREC Systems

Registering a New Renewable Energy System to PTS for SREC II

If a solar PV project meets the eligibility requirements for the SREC II program, its owner or aggregator/GIS account holder may submit a Statement of Qualification Application to DOER via On-Line Registration (OLR). Once an application has been received, DOER will review the application and issue a Statement of Qualification. The system is then eligible to generate SREC at NEPOOL GIS.

MassCEC reviews the DOER-approved application for SREC II compliance. Once compliance is confirmed, MassCEC registers the system, and the system reporter can report monthly system production to the PTS to SRECs.

For more SREC information, please view the SREC II program overview, or the PTS Homeowner Guide.

Reporting Requirements for SREC Systems

All generation from qualified solar PV projects participating in the SREC market must be individually metered and production must be reported to the PTS. NEPOOL GIS Rule 2.5(j) states that only "revenue grade" (also called "revenue quality") meters tested and certified to ANSI C-12 standards are allowed to report generation data. Please reference MassCEC approved meter list (for the SREC II program).

To apply to have a new revenue grade meter added to MassCEC’ s approved meter list, please fill out the meter application and submit it to

For projects less than or equal to 10 kilowatts (kW) (DC), data can be reported manually or automatically to the PTS. For projects greater than 10 kW (DC), data must be reported automatically through a Data Acquisition System (DAS) to the PTS. A list of approved Data Acquisition System (DAS) Service Provider is available.

To learn more about automated reporting to PTS, please review the PTS automated reporting page, the PTS automated reporting guide, and the automated reporting best practices document

To apply to become an approved DAS Provider, please fill out the DAS application and submit it to