PTS: Registering and Reporting for Non-SREC

Registering and Reporting for Non-SREC Systems

Registering a New Non-SREC Renewable Energy System to PTS

If you choose to sell your RECs for any renewable energy system, you may be required by your contract agreement with your REC owner to report production data from a revenue quality meter to the PTS.

To register a non-SREC or non-PV renewable system to the PTS, please complete the applicable form, and email to


Reporting Renewable Energy System Production to PTS

All renewable energy systems in the Commonwealth are welcome to report data to the PTS free of charge. This data must be reported during a period starting five days before the end of the month to five days after the beginning of the next month (example: January 27 – February 5). This data is analyzed on a monthly basis. System owners with erratic data may be contacted to ensure accurate data was provided and that the system is operating properly. MassCEC reserves the right to conduct on-site audits of any system to verify the accuracy of the data for SRECs. Deviations between the data and observed audited production figures may be investigated. MassCEC reserves the right to adjust or reconcile the data in accordance with the results of any audit or investigation.

For more information on reporting through the automated reporting feature in PTS, please visit the PTS automated reporting webpage.