Request for Proposals: Massachusetts Offshore Wind Industry Ports Investment Challenge

With support from the recently established Massachusetts Offshore Wind Industry Investment Fund, the Massachusetts Clean Energy Technology Center (“MassCEC”) is seeking to competitively select and fund qualified applicants or applicant teams to implement eligible maritime port redevelopment and improvement projects that will have significant impact on the advancement of the offshore wind sector and capture high-value supply chain and workforce opportunities in the Commonwealth.  Through this competitive solicitation, MassCEC intends to utilize state grant resources to leverage significant investments in specific rehabilitation and redevelopment activities that will directly enable a Massachusetts port facility to provide critical services and supplies for the offshore wind industry, including manufacturing and fabrication, pre-assembly and staging, operation/service support capabilities, and other activities that are directly connected to offshore wind projects and generate new employment opportunities and sustainable local economic benefits.

For this solicitation, the total available budget has been set at Fifty Million Dollars ($50,000,000), and MassCEC is seeking to leverage private and other funds to invest in high-value offshore wind port projects across the coastal regions of the Commonwealth. MassCEC may increase or decrease funding at its sole discretion.

Application Deadline
August 12, 2022 5 PM EST
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