Accelerating Clean Transportation School Bus (Actbus) Deployment Technical Assistance

The Challenge: Reducing Barriers to Electrifying School Buses 

Despite the health benefits of going electric, school districts face barriers to electrifying their school bus fleets. Schools face additional costs to purchase buses and associated charging infrastructure. Around 70% of districts in Massachusetts don't own their own buses and instead lease them through a third-party transportation provider. Moreover, there is a technical gap between diesel bus and electric bus operation. Without additional funding and support, school districts – especially those with resource and budget constraints – are facing significant electrification challenges. 

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Clean Transportation
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About ACT School Bus Deployment Technical Assistance

Through the ACT School Bus program, MassCEC intends to deploy electric school bus projects across Massachusetts and provide fleet electrification planning support to school districts. MassCEC will work with a technical consultant team to assist with the ACT School Bus program and address the gap in technical knowledge impeding school bus fleets from electrifying. The Deployment Technical Assistance Consultant will support school districts accessing federal clean school bus funding, help MassCEC with the selection of three or more deployment grants, and help grantees with bus procurement, charging stations and infrastructure, and coordination with other project stakeholders.

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Program Goals

The goals of ACT School Bus Deployment Technical Assistance are to: 

  • Help school districts across the Commonwealth overcome the various barriers to electrification in line with the EPA’s Clean School Bus Program  

  • Provide support to school districts throughout the electric school bus procurement process – with additional support for depot upgrades, charging infrastructure installation, coordinating with utilities, personnel training, and performance evaluation 

Project Team

Technical Consultant  

MassCEC will work with a consultant to conduct the following tasks:  

  • Assist with the electric school bus procurement process 

  • Select, procure, and install EVSE charging infrastructure 

  • Provide support for additional cost items such as depot upgrades  

  • Collect and report data on electric school bus performance 

  • Help school districts plan for future electrification