Ocean Renewable Energy Testing and Validation Assets - Request for Information

Responses Welcome:  December 22, 2023 through February 9, 2024

Goal of Request for Information (RFI)

MassCEC seeks input and information related to needs and gaps pertaining to ocean renewable energy (ORE) testing and validation assets and sites. Stakeholders have identified high value in accessing offshore ocean testing site(s) and assets to support validation and performance testing of new technologies.  MassCEC will use information obtained through this RFI to inform actions on the feasibility, scope, siting/spatial planning, and permitting processes for potential offshore energy testing and validation resources. Elements to be considered include stated need and value proposition, range of use cases, and desired site characteristics for potential locations and/or platforms for entities seeking to verify the performance of new technologies in offshore operating conditions. This information will also support related MassCEC efforts to promote cataloguing and improve the visibility and networking of testing assets to help entrepreneurs and researchers access existing testing assets and service offerings.  

Intended Respondents

MassCEC welcomes responses from any interested parties and other stakeholders. In particular, we hope to receive information from ocean energy and offshore wind original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), Tier 1 suppliers, start-up and small businesses in the ocean energy and offshore wind industry, and others with direct business enterprises in the ocean energy sector. 
MassCEC also seeks responses from offshore wind and ocean energy developers, academic and research institutions, owners, and operators of existing port facilities with interest in serving an offshore testing and validation platform, and infrastructure investment firms, green/blue bond managers, and other persons or entities who have an interest or expertise in investing in offshore wind testing and validation platforms. 

Public Records Law

As a public entity, MassCEC is subject to Massachusetts’s Public Records Law, codified at Chapter 66 of the Massachusetts General Laws. Thus, any responses, documentary material, data, or other information received by MassCEC from any person or entity responding to this RFI is a public record subject to disclosure. Those who elect to submit a response to this RFI are responsible for considering the nature of information they submit and shall not send MassCEC any confidential or sensitive information. Please see the full notice in the RFI document.

How to Respond

Respondents should provide their answers in the downloadable Response Form (a Word document). Please enter information for each of the questions in the applicable response sections and return a PDF version of the document to offshorewind@masscec.com. Please be sure to include “Testing and Validation Assets for Ocean Renewable Energy” in the email subject.