Notice of Intent: Accelerating Clean Transportation School Bus (ACT Bus)

Notice of Intent

The Massachusetts Clean Energy Technology Center (“MassCEC”) intends to issue a Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) entitled: Accelerating Clean Transportation School Bus (“ACT Bus”). As currently envisioned the budget would be set at $8M, but MassCEC reserves the right to increase or decrease funding for ACT Bus. MassCEC intends to develop the third round of ACT programming to serve as a continuation of three ongoing school bus electrification grants. MassCEC recognizes school bus electrification as an important challenge for market development in the transportation sector. ACT Bus will demonstrate innovative, broadly replicable clean transportation adoption and deployment business and service delivery models. View the NOI here.

MassCEC intends to:

  • Deploy electric school buses across major fleet operation models in Massachusetts
  • Provide bus fleet electrification planning support services to school districts and prepare them for future funding opportunities
  • Provide grant funding to school districts located in environmental justice communities to electrify school bus fleets

Through ACT Bus, if released, MassCEC will aim to produce significant transportation-related carbon emission reductions at scale, help to grow the state’s clean transportation sector, improve school districts’ access to federal and state funding opportunities, demonstrate a feasible and equitable path to electrification and contribute to Massachusetts’ continued clean energy innovation leadership. Once ACT Bus program success is evaluated, MassCEC will assess how best to continue to support electrification of school buses.



The purpose of this Non-Binding Notice of Intent is to notify school districts, industry, fleet management advisors, EV station and EV service providers, utilities and other relevant stakeholders on issues related to ACT Bus. This is solely a Non-Binding Notice of Intent and not a Request for Proposals (RFP). MassCEC is not accepting applications at this time. Please submit all questions to If issued, MassCEC anticipates the ACT Bus process to proceed along the following timeline: 

Release Fleet Advisory and Program Services RFPs Spring 2022
Release School RFP Late Spring 2022
Award Selection Summer 2022
Project Deployment and Advisory Services Launch Fall 2022



Launched in November 2019, the first round of ACT programming (“ACTNow”) resulted in the deployment of $1.4 million in funding and leveraged over $2 million in external cost share funding across nine awarded clean transportation projects. Six of the nine awards provided positive environmental justice benefits. ACTNow provided funding for a broad range of project topics including light-duty vehicles, medium- and heavy-duty vehicles, mass transit, and other (e.g. vehicle to grid). MassCEC issued a press release detailing ACTNow funding in September 2020. The second round of ACT programming (“ACT4All”) launched in May 2021. A press release with award details is forthcoming.