Hampshire COG starts solar water heating program

The “solarize” Massachusetts programs have worked so well that a new pilot program launched in the Pioneer Valley is trying to make as big a splash for solar hot water.

Working with a Clean Energy Center grant, the Hampshire Council of Governments has launched the first grant for homeowners to install solar hot water systems, using Greenfield-based Spartan Solar of Greenfield as its contractor.

Retired Coal Plant Site To Help Launch East Coast Offshore Wind Industry

On May 31st 2017, after over half a century of operation, the boilers of the 1,600 megawatt (MW) Brayton Point power plant in Somerset Massachusetts went silent. No more coal clattered down the chutes. No more billowing clouds of smoke streamed out of aging stacks. No more steam poured out of the 500-foot twin white cooling towers into the sky. And the flow of electricity into the transmission lines went dead.

Offshore Wind Projects Set to Take Off in Massachusetts

Strong, gusty winds will be blowing across New England on Wednesday. And in the near future, more of that wind energy will be harnessed and put to good use.

The Massachusetts Electric Distribution companies are expected to select offshore wind projects for negotiation later this month. This comes after several project proposals for offshore wind farms were submitted last year, in accordance with an order from the Governor.