Inclusion: The Key to Building Strong Startups

Event Time: 
Thursday, April 08, 2021 - 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM
Event Location: 

Join Greentown Labs' webinar to understand how prioritizing diversity and inclusion can build a stronger, happier, and more successful startup team.

Workshop Description:
As the last workshop of our D&I series this quarter, we will revisit and build upon on key content from our first workshop, "Building a More Inclusive Startup." Co-hosted by Greentown Labs and Aleria Research, this interactive webinar is geared toward helping companies, regardless of size and maturity, build stronger, more diverse, and ultimately more successful teams.

Learn more about:

  • Why inclusion is key to the success of your company
  • How you can create an inclusive culture and environment that will increase your company’s performance, create happier and more loyal employees, and help you attract and retain a more diverse team.

Join us to understand what inclusion really entails and how it can be accurately measured. We will be providing detailed tips and access to resources to help you grow a strong, successful, and valued team.

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