Net Zero Grid Distribution Planning Lab - Technical Support and Demonstration Vendors

Distribution Planning Lab

NOTE: This Program is now closed and is not accepting proposals.

MassCEC received applications from consultants and professionals with expertise in power systems engineering, integrated systems planning with distributed energy resources, load forecasting and scenario analysis, and grid modernization benefit-cost analysis to assist the Commonwealth in lowering barriers to accomplishing the Clean Energy and Climate Plan for 2030 on its road to Net Zero greenhouse gas emissions. The Program was awarded in 2021 and will run through 2022. MassCEC provided awards to Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)EnvelioOpus One Solutions, and Gridtwin Energy under this solicitation. 


Load Forecasting

Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) is a non-profit research institute founded as a membership organization to conduct R&D activities on behalf of investor-owned utilities in the United States. MassCEC has awarded EPRI to conduct load forecasting for up to fifteen (15) circuit typologies in a single EDC territory and model circuits in both EDC territories.


To assess cost drivers and identify additional cost-saving opportunities, EPRI will hold three collaborative workshops with the EDCs and stakeholder groups. Please see below for links to workshop slide decks and meeting minutes.

  • Workshop #1 - Distribution Planning slide deck
  • Workshop #2 - Barriers and Opportunities slide deck
  • Workshop #3 - Stakeholder Collaboration slide deck


Distribution System Modeling

Envelio  is a German company with a proprietary software package that can create a full distribution network model and propose upgrade plans that would accommodate growth in DERs and electrification load. Envelio will model and provide power flow scenarios for both EDC distribution systems and cost parameters for upgrades in each scenario.

Opus One Solutions - Opus One is a software company with several products, including a transactive energy suite. Opus One’s Integrated Distribution Planning product demonstration will provide optimized distribution capital plans to proactively minimize costs and avoid distribution system constraints while arriving at a proposed upgrade set that can accommodate the resources anticipated in 2050.


Solar Development Site Forecasting

Gridtwin Energy is a Massachusetts-based software startup that allows users to quickly search and filter potential sites for distributed solar generation. Gridtwin will forecast the most likely sites of future solar development while supporting efforts to streamline and optimize interconnection upgrades.



Frequently Asked Questions

MassCEC is aware that much of the anticipated scope of the Net Zero Grid Distribution Planning Lab is relevant to work that has been conducted as part of the Grid Modernization Lab Consortium. As such, MassCEC advised applicants that they should be prepared to draw connections between their proposed scope of work and the work conducted under the GMLC, including any potential involvement of researchers at or affiliated with National Lab partners.


Program Attachments 

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