Microgrid Stakeholders

The parties listed below responded to a request for information released by MassCEC to identify stakeholders interested in serving as team-members or providing services to Massachusetts clean energy community microgrid teams. This list has been provided to help facilitate project team formation in advance of a forthcoming community microgrid feasibility assessment funding opportunity.  


Contact Info

Firm Info

Advanced Microgrid Solutions

Boston, MA

Mike Jackson



Advanced Microgrid Solutions (AMS) is a modern energy company run by a team of industry veterans.  We design, finance, install and manage energy storage solutions for commercial, industrial and government buildings. Our approach to technology selection is simple: choose the best combination of performance, market readiness, design and economics. Host customers pay nothing out of pocket and begin receiving benefits on day one. Utility customers receive firm and dispatchable capacity, ancillary services and infrastructure deferral. Our Hybrid-Electric Building fleets eliminate the need for conventional peaking generation and reduce GHG emissions in the power pool.

Allen Power Inc.

Loudonville, NY

Jason Allen



Allen Power Inc. is a distributed generation developer and integrator whose principals have deep power generation, HVAC, and building systems experience. We are typically technology, OEM, and contractor agnostic. We offer: credible and thorough feasibility studies, project management and procurement services, as well as asset management and JV ownership possibilities to mitigate end-user CAPEX and OPEX risk.

Ameresco, Inc.

Framingham, MA

Benjamin Lavoie



Ameresco teams have conducted site surveys, energy investigations/audits, feasibility studies, etc. in more than 10,000 public and private facilities and have identified, designed, and constructed more than $5 billion worth of energy-saving opportunities at client sites, including but not limited to energy efficiency, renewable energy projects, combined heat and power, energy storage, microgrid “islanding” controls, and other distributed generation systems.

Black & Veatch Corporation

Overland Park, KS

Jason Abiecunas



For the past 40 years, Black & Veatch’s industry-leading teams have been designing and building microgrids at mission critical facilities, utility sites, and remote international locations. This flexibility enables us to scale to our clients’ needs, delivering successful projects on time and on budget across various execution settings. From small-scale to large projects, our seasoned team of specialists stands ready to solve our clients’ most complex distributed generation challenges.

Blue Pillar, Inc.

Frederick, MD

Eric Reichel



Blue Pillar is a leading provider of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), energy management, and microgrid solutions. Our product capabilities include microgrid control, microgrid EMS and SCADA. Our Aurora® platform connects, controls, and manages distributed energy resources (DERs) to help organizations improve energy resiliency, efficiency and overall facility operations. Aurora is an open, vendor agnostic platform with a secure, scalable architecture that is ideal for complex single sites and aggregation across multiple locations. In 2015, Blue Pillar was named by Navigant Research as one of the top 10 microgrid control vendors.

The Cadmus Group, Inc.

Waltham, MA

Ryan Fahey



Cadmus has direct and current experience in the preliminary feasibility of microgrids at critical infrastructure. We have been collecting and analyzing structured and unstructured data and have come to understand community‐specific preparedness and resilience needs. Cadmus recently acquired Obsidian, which supports focused resilience case studies in communities around the country.

Cape Light Compact

Barnstable, MA

Austin Brandt



The Cape Light Compact is a municipal aggregator authorized under the 1997 Massachusetts Restructuring Act, and is comprised of the twenty-one Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard towns, and Barnstable and Dukes counties. The purpose of the Compact is to represent and protect consumer interests in a restructured utility industry. As authorized by each town, the Compact operates the regional energy efficiency program and works with the combined power of the region’s 202,000 (as of March 2014) electric consumers to negotiate for electricity and other public benefits.

Celtic Energy, Inc.

Glastonbury, CT

Walt Donzila



CEI specializes in serving as Owner’s Representative (OR) on complex energy and sustainability projects for clients primarily in the public and institutional as well as commercial and industrial sectors. We focus on planning, development and quality assurance (QA) oversight for Energy Savings Performance Contracts (ESPCs), renewable Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) and MG projects. CEI has been hired for the ESPC OR role over 95 times in 25 states, overseeing over $1 Billion in energy projects. We help our clients define their needs, procure solutions from the marketplace, solicit and select contractors, and provide quality assurance on those projects.

Clough Harbour & Associates, LLP (CHA)

Albany, NY

Richard Rappa

585-232-5610 x 225


CHA is a diversified, full-service engineering firm in both market and service delivery. We are nationally recognized for providing innovative approaches to planning and design in the built environment. With over 300 dedicated engineers, project managers, and utility support specialists, our firm serves a wide range of electric and gas utilities, alternative energy companies, local governments, colleges and universities. We also have extensive experience in the district energy field and the ability to achieve a comprehensive approach to any size project; from the most routine to the most challenging. Our experience encompasses district heating & cooling, combined heat & power (CHP), microgrids, and renewable energy.

DERP Technologies, Inc.

Hagerstown, MD

Rick Lank



DERP focuses on Front End Engineering and Design (FEED) services, grant writing, project management, energy assurance and environmental comprehensive plan elements for community planners, and facilities conditions inspection (electrical and gas architecture assessments).

DNV GL Energy Services USA, Inc.

Burlington, MA

James Leahy



DNV GL is the world’s largest provider of independent renewable energy advisory services and has been involved in the development and financing of more than 150 GW of renewable energy, energy storage, microgrid and energy efficiency improvement projects. We deliver advisory and project facilitation services to government, utility and private sector clients all along the energy value chain, including renewable energy integration, energy efficiency improvements, and energy security enhancements. As Microgrid Owner’s Engineers, we offer technical, planning and advisory services to support the project owner from green-field to commissioning and operational validation. DNV GL is vendor and technology agnostic.

Enel Green Power North America, Inc.

Andover, MA

Sander Cohan



EGPNA owns and operates over 90 plants with an installed capacity approaching 2.5 GW powered by renewable hydropower, wind, geothermal and solar energy. The company employs approximately 350 in North America (175 in Massachusetts) with strong technical and financial expertise. The development and deployment of microgrid projects is a strategic priority.


Topanga, CA

Ariel Wisch-Schute



ECo. is an energy infrastructure project developer and financing platform. We help cities transition to the future with modern, flexible and climate-resilient energy infrastructure. ECo. is currently in the development stages of several community scale microgrid projects within North America. These projects include grid modernization, distribution automation, voltage optimization, renewables integration and control, district heating and cooling, building efficiency, storage, and generation from renewables, gas, and biofuels.

Engie Worldwide

Houston, TX

James Sowerby



Engie provides highly efficient and innovative solutions to individuals, cities and businesses by relying on diversified gas-supply sources, flexible and low-emission power generation, as well as unique expertise in four key sectors: independent power production, liquefied natural gas, renewable energy and energy efficiency services.

With over 115 GW of installed power generation capacity, ENGIE is the largest Independent Power Producer (IPP) in the world. In addition, its 22+ million retail gas, heat and power customers put ENGIE in a very strong position in the retail energy market.

Energy & Resource Solutions (ERS)

Andover, MA

Mark D’Antonio



ERS provides a wide range of engineering and technical consulting services to electric and gas utilities, utility commissions, state agencies, municipalities, and end users across the country. Services include microgrid development; distributed generation feasibility studies; distributed energy resource analyses and conceptual design; comprehensive behind‐the‐meter facility assessments; equipment and end‐use energy metering; engineering reviews, inspections, and retrocommissioning for all manner of energy projects; program planning and evaluation; customer outreach; and a wide variety of emerging technology studies and energy trainings.

Our experience in microgrid feasibility studies and related activities of scoping, sizing, analyzing, and metering distributed energy resources is extensive.

Fractal Energy Storage Consultants

Austin, TX

Judy M. McElroy



Fractal Energy Storage Consultants specializes in unbiased evaluation, technical design and expert financial analysis of energy storage and renewable energy projects.

FuelCell Energy, Inc.

Danbury, CT

Michael Palmer



FuelCell Energy is a manufacturer of ultra-clean, efficiency and reliable stationary fuel cell power plants. We construct and install our fuel cell systems on a turnkey basis, and provide long term comprehensive maintenance services. Our power plants are especially well suited for microgrids because they operate both in parallel with the utility grid during normal operation, as well as entirely grid-independent during grid outages – designed for continued stable operation during extreme weather events and times when the larger electric grid is out of service.

We also offers microgrid design and modeling services for projects incorporating our fuel cell power plants as the generation source.

Go Electric Inc.

Brooklyn, NY

Steven Lichtin



Go Electric delivers turnkey energy storage systems with the LYNC DR® Energy Storage Inverter at the heart of every system. LYNC DR® has a built-in microgrid controller, AutoLYNC®, that seamlessly integrates and optimizes any DER. Additionally, LYNC DR® has UPS capabilities that can take a load from grid parallel to grid isolated, and back, without interruption. Go Electric has proven its energy storage technology and microgrid control with the Department of Defense and the SPIDERS microgrid project, where Go Electric controls a 3.5 MW microgrid that consists of 500 kW of storage and 3 MW of diesel generators.

Hitachi Microgrid Solutions

New York, NY

Steve Pullins



Hitachi Microgrid Solutions provides a complete microgrid solution offering from conceptual design and feasibility assessment to design/build to long-term ownership and operations. Hitachi Microgrid Solutions incorporates third-party financing through its own resources to facilitate off-balance sheet capital development for the customer or community. Hitachi Microgrid Solutions design approach is an energy-first design that incorporates its Microgrid Resource Portfolio Approach utilizing baseload generation, solar and other renewables, energy storage, and actively-managed microgrid controls. This design approach and active management of the microgrid enables Hitachi to offer microgrid solutions optimized for economics, reliability/ resiliency, and emissions reduction.

Honeywell International Inc.

Rocky Hill, CT

Doreen Hamilton



As a turnkey project developer, Honeywell works to understand each customer’s unique situation and circumstances, and works collaboratively with them to develop microgrid solutions that are both technically robust and financially responsible. While our team typically utilizes Honeywell-developed controls algorithms including generation dispatch and demand response, we are free to choose the best-in-class solutions that best fit the customer’s specific application.

Johnson Controls

Lynnfield, MA

Alan Houghton



Johnson Controls has developed and executed hundreds of solar PV projects, dozens of combined heat and power projects, thousands of large scale energy efficiency projects and we manufacture energy storage products. Currently we have over 1000 MW of demand response capabilities in the US markets and are participating in ancillary services markets at the wholesale level. We manufacture and install building and enterprise controls that manage building load as an asset.

Leidos Energy, LLC

Framingham, MA


John Higgins



Leidos offers a technology agnostic approach to microgrids and DERs with core strengths in opportunity evaluation, concept development, engineering design, solution integration, and project delivery. Our support services include financial, technical, and regulatory aspects of microgrid and DER project implementation. We have direct experience in many of the relevant technology domains, including renewable and non-renewable generation sources, electrical and thermal energy storage, electrical distribution systems, thermal energy management, data analytics, communications and cybersecurity, and other utility smart grid solutions.

Leidos has supported clients in developing feasibility tools and methods, evaluating smart grid and microgrid project opportunities, designing integrated solutions, and implementing demonstration and full-scale projects.

L & S Energy Services, Inc.

Clifton Park, NY

Dennis Landsberg

518-383-9405 x 215


L&S is a full service energy efficiency consulting firm. Our practice is focused on providing cost effective building and process energy analysis; energy efficiency/conservation strategies and consulting; microgrid and combined heat and power project development; and energy program development and support.

The proposed L&S project staff have over 150 years combined experience, in thousands of facilities, with the evaluation of energy efficient technologies and power generation equipment through energy audits, technical feasibility assessments, technical review services, commissioning, retro-commissioning, system modeling, metering, and measurement and verification.

In addition to our extensive past microgrid experience, L&S Energy Services is currently completing microgrid feasibility studies in NY.

Microgrid Institute

Little Falls, MN

Michael Burr



Microgrid Institute is a collaborative organization that leads multidisciplinary teams to address issues affecting microgrids, distributed generation, and local energy management. We work closely with microgrid hosts and communities, providing project management, analysis, and advisory services to support microgrid planning, design, feasibility assessment, development, finance, and operation.

muGrid Analytics, LLC


Travis Simpkins



muGrid Analytics provides design and analysis services throughout all phases of the microgrid development process, from feasibility studies to performance monitoring of physical assets. We combine innovative modeling, simulation, and optimization techniques with our domain expertise in distributed energy resources, complex energy trading, and financial engineering to help our clients build the bankable business case for their microgrid projects. Our proprietary Redcloud energy optimization platform enables us to build a high-resolution techno-economic model of your microgrid and then determine the optimal sizing and dispatching of each asset to ensure that the ROI of the project is maximized across stacked revenue streams. We work with project developers, property owners, component manufacturers, utilities, and anyone else interested in maximizing the return on their microgrid assets.

Navigant Consulting, Inc.

Burlington, MA

Ken Horne



We offer community microgrid owners and developers a full suite of feasibility study consulting services tailored to the unique needs and circumstance of the project to help build, manage and protect project value for the benefit of project stakeholders.

O’Brien & Gere

Syracuse, NY

Christopher Campbell


O’Brien & Gere’s experience and skills have been honed with the early adopters of “community” energy which reside in three segments including campus environment/institutional segment, stationary military microgrid segment and community/utility segment. These clients’ segments possess a diverse mix of energy assets and 5,000 – 30,000 consumers on well-defined footprints. In order to ensure reliable service while optimizing system wide resources these institutions require:

  • A comprehensive understanding of energy use on site
  • A thorough grasp of energy infrastructure including distribution
  • A broad understanding of existing and advancing technologies that supply, distribute, monitor and control energy
  • Capabilities in the study, design and implementation of solutions

Opal-RT Technologies

Montreal, Canada; Ann Arbor, MI

Jean-Nicolas Paquin


OPAL-RT Technologies is a world leader in the development of real-time Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) simulators, designed to test electrical, electromechanical and power electronics equipment. OPAL-RT simulators are used by engineers and research scientists for major manufacturers and public electric utility companies, universities and research centers all over the world.

OPAL-RT’s real-time simulators are used by renowned companies and research laboratories for the simulation and testing of HVDC controls and protections, FACTS, microgrid control systems and variable speed electric drives.

Open Access Technology International, Inc. (OATI)

Minneapolis, MN

Jerry Dempsey



OATI’s primary strengths exist within Project Development, Systems Integration, Software Services, Control, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). The OATI Project Team has substantial experience in the completion of, and consultancy for feasibility studies related to microgrid, Distributed Energy Resource (DER), and Demand Response program design. OATI’s primary subcontractor, Microgrid Energy Solutions, has significant experience in the design and Development of Microgrid and DER.

Peak Power Energy Corp

New York, NY


Derek Lim Soo



Peak is a project developer that offers “Microgrids as a Service”. Peak provides its customers a full turnkey solution from siting and permitting through project finance and operations. Peak is currently involved in numerous early stage Microgrid projects involving energy storage and building automation technologies in New York State and Ontario, Canada. Peak’s advisory board has been involved in more the 500 MW Microgrid projects from early feasibility studies to actual implementations across USA and Canada.

Power Analytics Corp

Raleigh, NC

Kevin Meagher



Power Analytics Corporation is a provider of professional engineering services and a developer of electrical power system design, simulation, and power system analytics software. Our work includes the development of an extensive array of mission-critical microgrids at military bases, universities, and communities. During 2015, Power Analytics has experience performing community microgrid feasibility studies in New York under the NYSERDA Prize program and Washington, D.C.

Quanta Technology

Raleigh, NC

Diana Prkacin


Quanta Technology, with offices in Massachusetts, provides consulting services, and testing capabilities to support customers in the area of microgrid planning, design, and deployment. Our experience and understanding of various microgrid applications originates from practical work preparing feasibility studies, designing systems, selecting technology, field deployment, and operational analysis.  We have worked with a broad range of customers including: community, municipal, utility and government agencies.  Quanta Technology’s feasibility studies help you to decide which distributed energy resources bring the best value to your project.

Resource Insight, Inc.

Arlington, MA

Stacia Harper



Resource Insight (“RII”) specializes in the regulation of electric and gas utilities. We provide technical and policy analysis, strategic advice, assistance in settlement negotiations, and expert testimony. The firm brings experienced project management and experience in working with RTOs and several years of advising in the deployment of smart grids and development of consumer enabled programs.

RRT Sigma Engineering

Melville, NY

Nicholas Buckley

631-756-1060 x126


RRT SIGMA’s staff experience includes design and engineering of numerous generation facility asset types including waste-to-energy, fossil-fuel fired, hydroelectric, gas-fired combined cycle, cogeneration, nuclear and renewables, including wind, solar, geothermal and biomass power facilities. RRT SIGMA has performed numerous projects involving Microgrid and/or Distributed Generation and has provided Design Engineering and Owner’s Engineering services to projects involving CHP projects, distributed generation and microgrids. RRT SIGMA Engineering is currently conducting a Microgrid Feasibility Study for a Municipal Utility on Long Island as part of the (NYSERDA) NY Prize. RRT SIGMA has performed numerous projects involving CHP and/or Distributed Generation.

S & C Electric Company

Chicago, IL; and


Fort Montgomery, NY

Chris Evanich


Chris.Evanich@SandC.com; and

John Carroll



S&C offers a wide range of engineering services to prepare conceptual designs, build electrical simulation models, navigate utility interconnections, construct renewable generation, integrate EMS/SCADA systems, and provide Project and Construction Management. S&C specializes in turnkey microgrid, energy storage and renewable-generation solutions.

IPERC has also installed the first operational cybersecure microgrid within the DoD to receive Information Assurance type accreditation. IPERC has transitioned this technology to the commercial, utility, and municipal markets focused on communities, transit systems, hospitals, and utility-scale microgrid projects.

Schneider Electric

La Vergne, TN

Chris Bleuher



In the microgrid market space, Schneider Electric operates in multiple capacities ranging from the simple, acting as a project equipment provider, to the complex, providing full, turn-key engineer, procure, and construct (EPC) solutions. We offer a full suite of engineering services, project management, financing, and construction as well multiple hardware and software solutions for all types, sizes, and scales of microgrids and their deployment and coordination including SCADA systems, DMS systems, microgrid controllers, electrical infrastructure equipment, and intelligent, forecasting and optimization solutions.

The Microgrid Competency Center within Schneider Electric has successfully installed over 350 advanced power control applications, including 40 full microgrid power and control systems in the U.S. alone.

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.

Pullman, WA

Steve Halford



SEL invents, designs, and builds digital products and systems that protect power grids around the world. This technology prevents blackouts and enables customers to improve power system reliability and safety at a reduced cost. SEL ES has been developing and deploying Microgrid solutions throughout the world for more than fifteen years. SEL ES has experience in nearly every type of Microgrid or grid interconnected power generation project. SEL ES presently works with and provides services to scores of electric utilities in North America on grid interconnected generating systems, load shedding schemes, remedial action and black start.

Siemens Industry, Inc.

Fairfax, VA

Michael Mount



The Siemens team is capable of assuming responsibility for turnkey microgrid project implementation after the initial feasibility assessment. Siemens’ technology and expertise span from onsite generation, microgrid SCADA and energy management platforms, switches and protection, modeling and optimization, system integration to project financing. Siemens has experience in feasibility studies, design and implementation that is relevant to the technical expertise required for the MassCEC Community Microgrid Feasibility Assessments. Most of the projects involve multi users, mixture of generation assets including both renewables (solar, storage and more) and traditional fossil-fueled, and active engagement with utility partners.

Smarter Grid Solutions

Brooklyn, NY

Emily Wheeler



Smarter Grid Solutions specializes in the analysis, design, delivery and grid integration of low carbon technologies and distributed energy resources into electricity grids and micro grids. We deliver products and provide solutions for a range of challenges that the power industry faces: low carbon energy transition, grid modernization, integrating intermittent energy sources, connecting more distributed resources, and responding to the increasing use of electricity for transport and heating/cooling. Our focus is on helping our customers to plan and manage the grid more intelligently and deal with an increasingly challenging and uncertain future.

SourceOne, Inc.

Boston, MA

Richard Fay



SourceOne provides expertise in the following areas:

1) Engineering services – feasibility studies, onsite generation and microgrid project development and evaluation services, owner’s representative, project management, utility coordination, commissioning and testing, arc flash studies, short circuit coordination

2) Energy efficiency & carbon management – cogeneration, energy master planning, energy audits, sustainability planning, carbon management, retro-commissioning, energy grant support, LEED certification

3) Energy management – commodity procurement, commodity management, utility bill verification and management, online reporting, data management, metering and sub-metering, tenant billing

StratErgy, LLC

Newton Lower Falls, MA

Lawrence Plitch



StratErgy provides energy consulting services including in-house counsel for a number of companies that have owned and operated various forms of microgrids. StratErgy has experience in developing, financing, constructing, owning and operating several CHP facilities, using a variety of fuels (waste wood, waste coal, MSW and natural gas).

Tangent Energy Solutions Inc.

Kennett Square, PA

David Turner

610-444-2800 x203


Tangent provides energy retailers, utilities and large commercial and industrial customers with the technology and resources required to develop, implement, manage and monetize distributed energy resources. Our Tangent AMP Distributed Energy Resources Management System (DERMS) is a state of the art hosted system which enables Tangent, or our customers, to securely and economically analyze demand patterns, forecast and predict constrained and high cost hours, and automatically dispatch and control generation, demand, and storage resources to respond to emergency situations and economic opportunities. Additionally, we have assembled a team of energy industry veterans, partners, and investors capable of developing, financing, installing, and operating generation, storage and demand management assets.

Tecogen, Inc.

Waltham, MA

Benjamin Locke



Tecogen is known for cost efficient, environmentally friendly and reliable products for energy production that, through patented technology, nearly eliminate criteria pollutants and significantly reduce a customer’s carbon footprint.

Tecogen’s Inverde-100 CHP systems will autonomously transition to island mode to continue powering buildings during a power outage. This “black-start” capability has been demonstrated and is described in more detail in an IEEE publication titled “Real-World Performance of a CERTS Microgrid in Manhattan”.

TRC Environmental Corporation

Boston, MA

Francis Reilly



TRC helps clients assess, plan, design and implement the right microgrid solutions for their needs. This includes deep expertise in smart buildings and energy efficiency; power delivery and interconnection; renewable energy such as solar photovoltaic (PV), geothermal, and wind; combined heat/power (CHP) and fuel cells; and energy storage. TRC has experience providing services related to microgrid projects including: systems integration, generation, control/EMS/SCADA, storage and management, switching/protection, modeling/simulation, and project facilitation.

TRC has a strong track record of innovative microgrid designs and business models that enhance system resilience, reduce energy costs, and contribute to public health and safety.


Unison Energy, LLC

Mamaroneck, NY

Jack Sins



Unison Energy installs CHP solutions in standard enclosed units on-site and which typically cover 90-100% of a facility's electrical load. We are engine “agnostic,” i.e. we are not a distributor for a single brand. Our model is typically that of an owner/operator whereby we provide a turnkey solution requiring no capital expenditure on the part of the customer. We structure our projects under an energy services agreement (ESA, or PPA), and only bill for what the customer uses (kWh, therms).

Vergent Power Solutions, Inc.

Waltham, MA

Michael Savage



The Capstone turbine, distributed by Vergent Power, is a small and medium sized gas turbine power generator. We provide the equipment, applications engineering and aftermarket service and support. Capstone is the most efficient gas turbine under 5 MW and has the lowest emissions of any combustion technology.  Microturbine CHP systems can be configured as both Grid Connect and Stand Alone. Vergent Power has experience with utility engagement at OATI, numerous CHP interconnect agreements with existing CHP business, and all major utilities and municipal light and gas departments.

ViZn Energy Systems

New York, NY

Joshua Rogol



ViZn Energy Systems’ battery supports commercial & industrial applications along with micro-grids, utility smart grid applications and complements the roles of conventional generation, transmission and distribution assets at grid scale (80 kW to 50+ MW). The ViZn technology has proved to be a cost effective storage technology; our current offering of our zinc based redox family offers a 20-year battery with unlimited cycle life at an industry leading competitive cost.

We have experience in grid tied and off grid systems that leverage conventional generation, renewables, and both sources, and ViZn has extensive experience with integrating energy storage as a manufacturer of energy storage products.

Wellesley Municipal Light Plant

Wellesley Hills, MA

Kevin Sullivan

781-235-7600 x3399


Since mid-2015, the WMLP has been investigating micro-grids, utility scale battery storage and other new technologies that continue to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, offset peak demand, and provide a secondary benefit of system reliability. Identified as a preferred hub for a micro-grid installation, the WMLP is fortunate to have a moth-balled substation complete with underground infrastructure to the distribution supply system of manholes providing electricity to town buildings and businesses, all positioned within the length of a football field from the substation building.

Willdan Energy Solutions

Chicago, IL

Dr. Mehdi Ganji



Willdan provides full-service community microgrid development, including auditing, engineering, power flow modeling/simulation, design, commercial and financial analysis, and project facilitation. Nationally, we have assembled an extensive, nationwide team of highly specialized electrical engineering and technology experts who provide leading-edge support to clients looking to develop and implement smart grid, microgrid and other advanced grid technologies. Willdan provides energy consulting services to all levels of government, investor- and municipal-owned utilities, and private-sector clients. We develop and implement comprehensive energy solutions for universities and schools, municipalities, data centers, healthcare facilities, and lodging and commercial customers.

Zapotec Energy, Inc.

Cambridge, MA


Paul Lyons



Zapotec Energy specializes in solar photovoltaic design, solar thermal design, engineering, and technical consulting. Zapotec Energy has developed an in-depth knowledge base for PV projects ranging from feasibility and planning to permitting and interconnection. In addition to designing and installing solar PV systems, Zapotec Energy also served as a valuable technical consultant to system owners and managers. As a third-party consultant, Zapotec Energy performed feasibility studies, reviewed drawings and document submittals, and conducted independent inspections during construction.

Zapotec Energy has extensive experience with existing and proposed building load and thermal infrastructure characterization, using a variety of computer software for building energy modeling.

This list has been developed by MassCEC to provide community microgrid stakeholders with a better understanding of entities that have expressed interest in Massachusetts’ community microgrid market. This list does not constitute an endorsement, warranty, or guaranty by MassCEC. MassCEC assumes no liability for the purchase, use, operation, performance or acquisition of any services or products referenced above. Communities should conduct their own due diligence when reaching out to potential microgrid project team members.