MAtCH is a start-up exchange program jointly administered by MassCEC and the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE). Its goal is to provide early-stage companies an opportunity to explore business development in a foreign market.

For up to three months start-ups will receive complimentary incubator membership, a stipend for housing and transportation costs, attend workshops on how to enter the host country’s cleantech ecosystem, participate in networking events, and receive assistance to plan visits to R&D institutions. Massachusetts-based start-ups have the option to choose from one of the following incubators and locations; 1) ImpactHub in Zürich, Bern or Geneva, and 2) Univercité in Lausanne.

This program is currently CLOSED

The MAtCH program is open to later stage Massachusetts cleantech start-ups who have a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of five or higher. To determine your start-ups TRL download the NYSERDA Readiness Level Calculator Tool.

Cleantech start-ups are considered to be companies that help to significantly reduce the use of non-renewable energy and natural resources. Application domains include but are not limited to renewable energy, energy conservation, storage and transmission of energy, alternative fuels, clean drinking water, waste water management, waste management, and green infrastructure.

Start-ups interested in participating in the program should submit this application form. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. If any questions arise contact Katie Dobbins;

In December 2014, MassCEC signed an MOU with the Swiss Federal Office of Energy pledging cooperation in a variety of clean energy activities including “innovation ecosystem development, including mechanisms to support cleantech start-ups, incubators and other support mechanisms, commercialization, and development and deployment of innovative technologies.” The MAtCH pilot program is a continuation of this commitment to foster a bilateral partnership.

For additional information about the MAtCH program please see the following attachments.

MAtCH Information Flyer for Massachusetts Start-ups

MAtCH Information Flyer for Swiss Start-ups

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