Massachusetts Renewable Heating and Cooling: Opportunities and Impacts Study

The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center, is pleased to provide the Massachusetts Renewable Heating and Cooling: Opportunities and Impacts Study, created in partnership with the Department of Energy Resources and Meister Consulting Group.

This report offers an important evaluation of the technology and market opportunities for renewable thermal energy to contribute to our building heating and cooling needs and to grow a new sector of our clean energy economy.

The Massachusetts Clean Energy and Climate Plan for 2020 calls for renewable thermal to contribute about two million tons of greenhouse gas reductions.  The study, examines the technical status, cost effectiveness, market barriers, and greenhouse gas benefits associated with four promising and emerging technologies for residential and commercial building applications - solar water and space heating, high efficiency air- and ground-source heat pumps, clean and high efficiency wood pellet and chip boilers, and biodiesel blended with fuel oil.  The study also provide overviews of programs and policies in Europe and other states in the U.S., aimed at making significant market transformations towards renewable thermal economies.

The study provides an important foundation on which Massachusetts businesses and other stakeholders can begin to evaluate market opportunities, and policymakers can begin to assess policy and programmatic needs and options to efficiently stimulate a meaningful renewable thermal market sector.  To this end, DOER will shortly provide to stakeholders and the public an outreach plan with appropriate forums to discuss the findings in this study, and to help inform the development of a renewable thermal pilot program and assess possible policy options.