Job Seekers: How To Effectively Use the Resume Board

Have Others Review Your Resume

As a first step it is always a good idea to ask family, friends, or a career services office to look over your resume to make sure it is the best it can possibly be. These individuals may spot something that you've missed or may have some helpful feedback on how to make your resume as competitive as possible.

Fill Out All Required Fields Accurately And Completely

Employers will view and search for these fields when looking for candidates, and it is important that you are as specific and thorough as possible. This will ensure that they are able to efficiently locate you. Only put down criteria that you would be comfortable performing, such as working in a specific region or performing certain tasks on the job.

Add Descriptive Keywords

You can add material here in addition to your resume that will be keyword searchable by employers. Adding additional keywords into the resume text section will be a great way to attract attention from employers that might be searching for something in particular that is not included on your resume. Know how to perform a valuable or unusual skill? Put it in!

Use All Of The Space Available To You

You have limited space to get an employer's attention, so make it count. Use the cover letter section to really sell yourself to an employer - this is perhaps the most important section you can fill out. Applications that do not include a thorough candidate description are often passed over for those individuals that choose to describe themselves in greater detail.

Be Proactive!

Reach out to employers you would like to work for, including those listed on MassCEC's Jobs Board. You should let them know that your information is listed on MassCEC's Resume Board so they can find all of your information and get a snapshot of who you are. Remember: the most proactive individuals are the ones that get the job!