Corrosion and mechanical testing internship

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Allium Engineering is working to address the infrastructure crisis by making longer lasting, greener materials. Our technology enables large steel producers to clad their existing products in a protective outer shell of a stainless steel. This cladding protects materials like steel rebar from corrosion, and can triple the lifetime of key infrastructure like bridges. Testing interns will help us continue to advance and evaluate our technology, and we look forward to welcoming new members to the Allium team.

 - Greentown Labs:
 - 444 Somerville Ave, Somerville, MA 02143

 - 2+ years of technical college education
 - Previous experience in a research lab environment
 - (recommended) Education or other experience in one of: 
     + material science or engineering 
     + chemistry/chemical engineering
     + mechanical or civil engineering
 - (optional/bonus) Any experience with:
     + electrochemical cells and chemical potentials
     + machining or metal fabrication
     + mechanical or structural testing
     + material testing or characterization (e.g. microscopy) 

 - Setting up and performing a macrocell corrosion test, measuring electrochemical potentials and corrosion currents to quantify the corrosion resistance of Allium cladded steel samples,
 - Performing salt spray corrosion tests to evaluate corrosion resistance of Allium samples
 - Performing basic mechanical testing of cladded samples such as bending 
 - Supporting other mechanical testing (such as tensile testing) and materials characterization (such as microscopy) by helping to prepare samples, perform tests, and analyze data
 - Optionally, performing quantitative research on Allium's market by gathering and analyzing public available data on construction projects. 

What to expect:
 - This is a paid internship, with pay adjusted for the interns qualification and with the a minimum hourly rate of $20/hr
 - Interns will be expected to work for a minimum of 12 weeks
 - Any intern will have at least one other intern to collaborate with, and will work directly with the founders, Steve and Sam, who will supervise and collaborate in their work. 
 - Interns will have access to the Greentown Labs community of cleantech startups, and will be free to join programming and events that meet their interests. Applicants are welcome to explore typical events at:

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College Students
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