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Cooling is set to become the world’s single largest use of electricity in buildings by 2050. As a result, air conditioning (AC) represents one of the largest risks to our climate. Residential use alone is set to account for an increase of more than 0.5 ºC in global surface temperature.

Transaera aims to reduce the global climate impact of ACs by innovating the 100-year-old technology to be more affordable, efficient, and sustainable by using novel adsorbents. We are looking to hire a summer intern to support the team in coating processes. Relevant majors may include chemical engineering, chemistry, materials science, and materials engineering. Candidates should be within two years of completing their bachelor’s degree in an above field and have wet lab experience. Experience with porous materials a plus. We are looking for someone who is organized, creative, collaborative, and a quick learner.

Things you may get to work on:

  • Characterizing slurry/ink composite mixtures and substrates
  • Developing coating processes (sprays, spins, drawdowns, etc.)
  • Testing variables such as adhesion, cohesion, viscosity, pH, and conductivity
  • Developing key safety protocols
  • Running experiments, analyzing data, and reporting results in a clear manner
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College Students
Energy Efficiency
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