Installer Resources - Woodstove Change-Out Program

Become a Participating Stove Professional

Each newly participating stove professional must submit a signed stove professional agreement verifying that he or she will abide by the terms and conditions of the program to (all 2018 stove professionals are considered to be participating for 2019).

How to Participate in the Commonwealth Woodstove Change-Out Program

  1. Read the program manual and understand all program requirements.

  2. Encourage homeowner to determine his/her eligibility for a low-income rebate either by verifying income via MassCEC’s online income verification portal, or by showing a copy of a current fuel assistance letter or electricity bill with a discount rate code. Please note that the last day to submit income verification documentation via portal is July 5, 2019.

  3. With the help of the homeowner:

    1. Verify that the old stove is eligible to be changed-out. Here is an eligibility checklist to help figure out whether a customer's old stove is eligible.

    2. Select a new woodstove or pellet stove shown on the program's Qualified Equipment List.  Here is an Excel Version of the Qualified Equipment List which you can use to filter for the stoves you carry in your store.

  4. Complete the change-out by removing the old stove and having it rendered inoperable by a stove recycler.

Submit an application through MassCEC’s application portal. You will need to upload the following supporting documents as JPG or PDF files:

  1. Participants agreement
  2. Old stove recycling form

  3. Homeowner’s electric bill showing project address

  4. Final invoice with a line item indicating the discount for the rebate

  5. Old stove picture (pre-removal)

  6. New stove picture (post-installation)

  7. If the homeowner is seeking to qualify for a low-income rebate and has not applied through MassCEC’s online income verification portal, verification of the homeowner’s qualification for a low-income rebate. This may be the page of the electric bill showing a discount rate code (“R2”) or a Fuel Assistance Letter of Acceptance.  MassCEC will receive automatic notice of homeowner eligibility if the homeowner verifies income via portal.

  8. Reply to any information requests from MassCEC as we process the rebate.

Payment will be made within four weeks of application submission, barring extenuating circumstances.

- All stoves installed under this Program must be EPA-certified.

- Hybrid stoves are considered catalytic stoves.

- Fireplace inserts are considered stoves and are subject to emissions limits and rebate values of the emissions control technology utilized in the model being installed.

-Fully automated wood stoves must allow a temperature set point and automatically adjust the stove’s airflow and therefore include no manual airflow controls, must have sensors that enable self-loading and temperature-control capabilities.

-Efficiency must be CSA B415.1 certified by the EPA


Program Forms

2019 Application Portal – All applications must be submitted online through this portal

Stove Professional Agreement – Must be sent to MassCEC before any new stove professional can participate in program (2018 participating stove professionals are eligible for the 2019 program)

Project Information Sheet – Tool to collect information about customer projects

Participation Agreement – Must be submitted with each application

Old Stove Recycling Form – Must be signed by recycler and stove professional


Additional Information for Stove Professionals

Program Manual -- Detailed explanation of program background, incentives, processes, requirements, and terms and conditions.

Qualified Equipment List -- List of all qualifying new stoves and associated rebate levels

Webinar for Stove Professionals – 2019 presentation explaining the program and application portal

Award Management Manual – Documentation about how to use the application portal

Webinar on talking about Income Incentives-  Short video on how to best talk to customers about the income based rebate adder available through this program. This video is made for Air Source Heat Pump installers, but most of the information is applicable to this program as well. 

Sample Application Documents- Sample documents to reference when filling out applications


Information for Customers

Customer Fact Sheet -- One-page fact sheet to explain rebate levels and program requirements to customers

Pellet best practices – Best practices for stove maintenance and wood burning

Burn Wise Best Burn Practices – Best practices for stove maintenance and pellet buying

How to Guide for Buying a Stove from Another Dealer - How to buy your stove from an unregistered retailer and still be eligible for our program


To Expedite Your Applications

To minimize the delays associated with these common installation and application errors, MassCEC recommends that you double-check the following:

  • The model listed on the invoice matches the model on the application.
  • All supplementary documents have been submitted as attachments.
  • Uploaded documents are legible.
  • The old stove is operational and does not qualify as EPA-certified under the 1988 NSPS.



 How long can I wait before applying for a rebate after the project has been completed?

  • Rebate applications must be submitted prior to the application deadline of August 5, 2019.

Why is the stove model I want to install ineligible?

  • Unfortunately, if the wood or pellet stove model you want to install is not on the qualified equipment list then it does not meet our emissions standards based on EPA test data. If you believe a stove meets these emissions standards but is not on our list, please contact MassCEC. For more information on our requirements and how to add woodstoves to our eligibility list, please refer to Section 2.6 in the program manual.

How can I check on the status of a rebate?

  • Email or call MassCEC with the applicant’s name and project number, and we will respond as soon as possible.

What are the customer’s responsibilities for supporting the change-out?

  • Customers are responsible for (1) verifying, to the extent possible, that their old stoves qualify for the program; (2) providing an electricity bill, a valid form of income verification, and a signed participation agreement, and (3) working with the installer to schedule a time to complete the change-out prior to the application deadline.


Contact Us

Please review the program manual for full details on the program. If you still have questions, email us at or call 617-315-9300.